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Toronto gym sticking with vaccination policy after attacks by critics

Some would think that a gym wanting its patrons to be healthy would be common sense, but apparently not everyone has the same thoughts.

Despite major backlash from a vocal minority, however, True North Climbing isn't backing down on their vaccination policy and has stated that as of August 30, entry will be limited to only those who have been double vaccinated.

The policy was initially announced last week after hearing of two other climbing gyms having outbreaks among their staff and clientele. 

"I knew not everyone would be happy with our decision," Owner John Gross told blogTO.

"I don't support forcing everyone to get vaccinated, but those who are unable or choose not to protect themselves and those around them by doing so need to accept that some inconvenience will be the result. Public health is a higher priority."

Gross states that while the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive from the staff, and mostly positive from the community, there are some very vocal, harsh criticism, especially over Instagram where he has been called a communist, racist and worse.

"We received a comical 'Cease and Desist Order' from the self-proclaimed Head of State of the 'Sovereign Republic of Canada,' apparently a QAnon follower," Gross explained.

"Our web site was briefly taken down by a DDOS attack. I believe most of the attacks are coming from people who are not part of our climbing community, or even local to the GTA."

Despite this backlash, Gross and the True North Climbing team are sticking by their policies stating they believe it's the right thing to do. That said, he believes the policy will eventually end when the numbers drop far enough that things can get back to normal.

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