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Activate is the massive new active gaming centre that just opened near Toronto

Activate is a new gaming centre near Toronto that's designed to get you on your feet, having fun with a group, and moving, which are things we could all use after being stuck in lockdown.

Break free from your living room couch at Activate, a new centre in Burlington. Activate also has locations in Winnipeg and the States.

Groups of three to five can move through 11 arcade-style game rooms with glowing floors and walls and laser beams, in which you use your actual, real physical body (whoa) to run, jump and play. Games are designed to test your mind as well as your speed and agility.

Within the rooms there are dozens of games which can be played cooperatively or competitively head-to-head, with ten levels of difficulty settings so you don't have to worry about games being too boring or too challenging.

$25 per person gets you 75 minutes in the facility, and during that time you're allowed to move freely throughout the centre, skipping or replaying any games you want.

Beating games faster gets you more points, which might matter to your group if you want to see how you stack up against Activate players at other locations. Points are saved on a profile you create so you can compare how you did on a leaderboard.

There are no restrictions on who can be in your group, but you have to have a minimum of three people to play, and right now they're only letting in 10 people every fifteen minutes and you have to book in advance.

The Burlington location of Activate is now open to indoor players at 2030 Appleby Line.

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