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Ontario police shut down toboggan hill after 100 people showed up

Last weekend, Ontario police shutdown a toboggan hill after finding about 100 people gathered there. 

Halton Regional Police Service told blogTO in a statement that they, alongside Oakville by-law officers, showed up to Old Abbey Lane Park on Saturday Jan. 30 after receiving a call complaining about the overcrowding. 

"Upon arrival, we found approximately 65-70 vehicles parked on the road in addition to [about] 20 vehicles parked in the school parking lot, and there were [around] 100 people tobogganing on the hill," said Constable Steve Elms in an email. 

According Elms, the number of adults and children on the hill meant physical distancing wasn't possible. 

"We took an educational approach to ask people to disperse, in alignment with the Rules for Areas in Stage 1 under the Reopening Ontario Act," said Elms. 

Later, a video of the police officers dispersing the crowd was uploaded to Facebook by an attendee named Charbel Cheaib.

In a comment, Cheaib claimed that police officers were threatening families and said they were going to issue fines if people didn't leave.

"Police arrived at our hill today threatening fine for 'gathering'," he said.

According to Halton Police, no tickets were issued and the crowd dispersed peacefully.

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Scott Rogers

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