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Tiger Woods once pulled over on a Toronto highway to practice his swing

A story of Tiger Woods once pulling over on a Toronto freeway may not be the most sensational segment of a new HBO documentary about the golfer, but your ears may prick up if you live in the city.

The story comes to us courtesy of Woods' ex-caddy Steve Williams, who regales us with the tale in the first of two parts of Tiger. The HBO Original Documentary consists of interviews with significant people in the celeb golfer's life, and chronicles his intensely public rise to fame, scandal and comeback.

Williams tells the story to exemplify Woods' obsessive commitment to excellence and constant improvement, especially when it came to his signature powerful swing. 

"I remember we were driving down the freeway and he goes, 'Stevie, stop the car, stop the car!' And he got the golf club out of the trunk and he's swinging on the side of the road," says Williams in the doc.

"Now here's Tiger Woods on the side of the freeway in Toronto swinging a golf club. He's got this thought in his head, if I can just do this, and he couldn't wait until the next day or until we got back to the hotel or wherever it was, it had to be now."

Williams doesn't mention which highway it was they were driving along when Woods demanded he pull over, so any of our expressways could be the fateful place where Tiger had a eureka moment when it came to his famous golf technique. You could always drive around and speculate, just don't pull over like Tiger's caddy had to.

Tiger can be streamed online in Canada through Crave.

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