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Current and former Toronto Blue Jays get feisty in social media spat

The Toronto Blue Jays are finally back in town for Summer Camp, and though fans won't be able to catch a glimpse of the boys playing, they can definitely witness the games they're getting into with one another on social media.

Over the weekend, Jays outfielder Randal Grichuk and former teammate Marcus Stroman got into a spat on Twitter, which all started with a tweet from baseballer turned podcaster Aubrey Huff.

Huff (who is, unrelatedly, known for his right-wing views), took a stab at Stroman when the two were exchanging words about racism.

"We get it hate black people. You make it more obvious every day. It’s comical to me at this point. Lol take some of your Twitter energy and direct it to that neglected family of yours who you consistently let down. They need it much more than us Audrey," Stroman tweeted to the retired MLBer on July 4.

"I kow what kinda guy you are @STR0," Huff replied. "Remember 2019 Spring Training in Dunedin with the @BlueJays....when you ordered the strength coach to kick out 30 minor leaguers from 'your' weight room so you could jump rope? Sweet teammate. #karensjumprope."

Users keeping up with the beef then noticed that Grichuk had liked Huff's reply on the social media platform.

Some might remember that Stroman was in on some trash talking about Grichuk last season, which the latter player acknowledged in a tweet clarifying the situation.

"I did not like the tweet because stro like tweets bashing me last year. This is nothing personal. I liked it because it is true. It's a know[n] story around players in the jays team/system," he wrote.

"You've done nothing but talk about me behind my back. Consistently. I've always kept my mouth shut and let it slide," Stroman retorted within minutes. 

"Ask YOUR teammates and Canada who they['d] rather have on their or me. I already know the answer. Continue to under achieve and talk shit about teammates."

As things continued to get heated, Grichuk chimed "Haha keep thinking that's true. Don't be mad at me because I liked a tweet that was the truth. Have a good day man."

Stroman ended the altercation with "My day is beyond great. Good luck playing for a nation that now knows your true colours. Have a splendid day my G!"

Spectators to the argument have all had their takes, with most seeming to support Stro over Grich — in this situation and always.

"Got bad vibes from Grichuk ever since the Tim Anderson debacle last year. Missing the Stroman days here in Toronto!" one user wrote.

"Why tf is there Marcus Stroman slander on the timeline? I’ll always love Stro," another added.

With players out of their regular season routine and now confined to the footprint of the Rogers Centre and the attached Toronto Marriott City Centre Hotel, who knows what additional drama will bubble up leading up to the resumption of the season on July 23.

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