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This glamping resort is the ultimate Ontario wilderness escape

Luxury camping might be all the rage these days, but not every resort with prospector-style tents actually lives up to term "glamping." For that, a resort needs to offer exclusivity, seclusion, amazing food and accommodations that blend opulence with rustic charm.

outpost glamping ontarioOutpost Co. is the quintessence of glamping in Ontario, and everything about it is over-the-top in a way that recalls how the ultra rich would have travelled over a century ago. There's no electricity and certainly no WiFi, but everything else is all about a pampered wilderness experience.

outpost glmaping ontarioThe resort is actually quite remote, located just outside of Temagami on Obabika Lake. It'd be an epic drive to get there, but most vacationers here fly in on a chartered seaplane from either of Toronto's airports, which takes about 90 minutes.

outpost glamping ontarioOnce you've arrived (and by you, I mean a mythical hyper rich version of yourself), you'll be able to check out your tent, which was handcrafted with natural cotton and comes with wall-to-wall jute carpeting as well as tasteful throw rugs.

outpost glamping ontarioNext you'll meet your private chef, who will fill you up with Canadian-inspired dishes over the course of the getaway, as well charcuterie plates and other luxury snacks. There will, of course, also be fine wine and spirits on offer.

outpost glamping ontarioDinner is cooked over an open flame to give you the whole Francis Mallmann-style experience, which as much as I might poke fun at the indulgence of this whole thing, I would actually love to take it in as a pure culinary spectacle. Charred Tomahawk steaks? Yes please.

outpost glamping ontarioThere are only eight people booked to stay here at any given time, so for all the rustic luxury, the idea really is to escape the city and soak up what is one of the most beautiful landscapes in the province. Guests are encouraged to go on guided hikes and canoe trips around the grounds.

outpost glamping ontarioWhat'll it all cost you? Outpost Co. quotes $440 per person per night, but that doesn't include transportation or extras like wine and massage therapy. To fly into camp is an additional $220 return per person, based on four people making the trip on the plane.

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