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13 must-see events at Fan Expo Canada 2016 in Toronto

Fan Expo Canada 2016 in Toronto is particularly special because of the eyebrow raising amount of celebrities appearing. It's really next level, folks. Nerds, geeks and freaks unite for a weekend of autographs, workshops, screenings and many firs and last ever appearances from some super famous sci-fi/fantasy/horror heroes.

Not to diminish the hundreds of other cool things happening at the meet-up (speed dating, special effects workshop, film festivals, panel discussions, fashion shows), but here are my picks for what not to miss at the 2016 Fan Expo in Toronto.

Q&A with The Exorcist's Linda Blair (September 1, 730p.m.)
She walked backwards up the stairs and projectile vomited all over our hearts many years ago, but the Exorcist star (who won the Golden Globe for her role?!) lives on to tell the tale at this exclusive Q&A.

Autograph session with Adam West and Burt Ward (September 2, 11a.m.)
The original dynamic duo! 1960s Batman and Robin appear together for an autograph session and love-in. This will be their last appearance together, ever.

Workshop: Learn to speak Klingon (September 2, 11:30a.m.)
Doctor Marc Okrand is the linguist who actually created the Klingon language! He also wrote the The Klingon Dictionary, and he'll be in attendance for a lesson.

Celebrity Cosplay lineup (Various dates and times)
Scroll down to the bottom of this page to check out what is being touted as the greatest lineup of celebrity Cosplay players ever assembled.

Mark Hamill Live (September 2, 5p.m.)
The 64-year old actor makes his first-ever Canadian appearance at FanExpo this year. He had a teeny tiny role in this summer's Star Wars: The Force Awakens, but this will be his true starring role as fans are sure to lose their shit when he takes the stage.

Q&A with William Shatner (September 2, 6:30p.m.)
Helping to celebrate the iconic sci-fi franchise usher in 50 years, William Shatner (as well as George Takei, and Nichelle Nichols) will take your questions and hopefully sing at some point.

Jay and Silent Bob Get Old (September 2, 8p.m.)
Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes tell funny stories together on stage. Clerks, Mallrats, and Dogma have nothing on the hilarity that will surely happen with this odd couple sit down together for an hour.

Official Fan Expo Canada parties
After an exhausting day of autographs, dress up and sci-fi workshops, there are parties! So The big official ones are the Cosplay Kick-off party, Official Fan Expo After Party, Exit Tunes Dance Party and Retro '90s Party presented by Netflix. Check out the official list and get a ticket now!

Q&A with John and Joan Cusack (September 3, 12:30p.m.)
The brother sister duo take your queries, together! This is an epic teaming of talent. John stars in Daredevil, Joan is just there because she's Joan and we love her, and technically because she did voice work for Toy Story 2.

Q&A with Gillian Anderson (September 3, 2:30p.m.)
I'm not alone in thinking Gillian Anderson is getting hotter and cooler with age. Her recent stint on the X-Files revamp and other fantastic shows are proving she works hard for that money... and has a good eye for good work. I'll be in the audience drooling, see you there.

Margaret Atwood Angel Catbird premiere (September 3, 4p.m.)
World premiere of the iconic Canadian author's graphic novel debut, Angel Catbird.
A collaboration with Johnnie Christmas, the graphic novel tells the story of an unusual superhero over the course of three all-ages. Atwood is cool as all hell and this should be a fun one.

Q&A with Stan Lee (September 4, 11a.m.)
There are officially three separate events tied to comic God Stan Lee and his last appearance in Canada. One is a meet and greet, another is breakfast, and then there's a Q&A. The comic-book writer, editor, publisher, media producer, television host, actor and former president and chairman of Marvel Comics is a big snag this year.

Q&A with George Takei (September 3, 3p.m.)
Another member of the Star Trek clan makes an appearance to help celebrate the franchise's 50 years on planet earth. Seems like George is here all the time doing cool things, but he's really in his element in a room full of trekkies and space enthusiasts.

Did I miss your favourite upcoming moment at Fan Expo Canada? Let us all know in the comments and we'll meet you there! Also, you can download the Fan Expo Canada App to check out all the programming.

Photo by Jamie Kaiser in the blogTO Flickr pool.

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