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Yasiel Puig is Toronto's next great tourism ambassador

Whenever someone visits Toronto for the first time, they like to do all the touristy things. Take in a Blue Jays game, visit the CN Tower, maybe wander over to St. Lawrence Market or venture to the Toronto Island.

The same goes for professional athletes. When they have a little bit of spare time in Toronto, just like an ordinary citizen, they like to take in the sights and sounds of the city.

The Los Angeles Dodgers did that very thing ahead of their series against the Toronto Blue Jays. They spent the day on Thursday simply being Toronto tourists. Nobody enjoyed their time in the Six more than Yasiel Puig.

If you've followed Puig's Twitter feed the past few days, it's littered with several of the Toronto tourism staples. He started his vacation by salmon fishing with his teammates on Lake Ontario.

Did anyone know there were actually salmon in Lake Ontario? Apparently it's full of trophy fish like this one. According to this tweet, Puig was planning on using one of these fish to whip up some sushi.

Later that night, Puig and several of his teammates witnessed Game 2 of the Raptors/Heat series. There must be something about baseball players bringing good luck to the Raptors. Just a few days prior, the Blue Jays saw the Raptors take down the Pacers. And this time, several of the Dodgers players saw the Raptors narrowly defeat the Heat in overtime.

Then mere hours before he was to suit up to take on the Blue Jays on Friday night, Puig took part in the CN Tower EdgeWalk. Nothing like leaning off one of the world's highest freestanding structures to get you amped up for playing a game of baseball.

Lastly, Puig opted to head to Ripley's Aquarium to visit a few more of his underwater friends. Except this time, he caught a glimpse of an unsuspecting Puig fan right behind him.

Wait until that poor kid finds out that Yasiel Puig was mere feet away from him the whole time.

Athletes like Charles Barkley have always raved about Toronto as one of their favourite cities to visit on the road. Yasiel Puig might have just taken this a step further and have inadvertently become Toronto's next great tourism ambassador.

Writing by Ian Hunter.

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