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The 10 funniest April Fools' pranks in Toronto

April Fools is the one day of the year where you can't believe anything you read online. We played along as we do every year but we also kept an eye on Instagram, Twitter and beyond to see how others chose to get in on the action.

Here are my picks for the funniest pranks this April Fools in Toronto.

Terroni adds glow in the dark spaghetti to the menu
We can always dream that glow in the dark spaghetti might one day be a regular offering on the menu from one of Toronto's most popular Italian restaurants.

Ottos Berlin

Otto's Berlin Doner now offers drone delivery
Forget Foodora when you can get your dรถners via "drรถner" thanks to Otto's Berlin Doner's new app.

Pride Toronto

Pride bans selfies sticks
Was it good news when Pride Toronto announced they'd be imposing a total ban on selfie sticks at Pride Month events?

BeaverTails Toronto

BeaverTails introduces the KaleTail
BeaverTails announced they're adding a new menu item to their repertoire - the KaleTail. Get ready to enjoy a cracked wheat pastry topped with Canadian grown kale.


Nude yoga classes now offered in Toronto
YYoga announced a new style of yoga, YNude where you can show up without your expensive Lululemon yoga pants.

POP on the TTC
The horrifying delay on Line 2 this morning was not an April Fools' joke but the YouTube video released by the TTC sure was. The two minute video pokes fun at the proof of payment system saying that now you can actually pay your fare with a can of pop.

Feast Toronto

Toronto delivery service Feast rolls out new service
Feast announced the launch of Feast GO, a reliable and sustainable transportation for people. Take that Uber.

The Rolling Pin

Rolling Pin bakes up savoury donuts
Is that a donut smothered in mash potatoes, gravy and peas? Turns out it's just Rolling Pin's newest creation made with vanilla cream cheese frosting, caramel and chocolate.

Lisa Marie Toronto

Lisa Marie gets an all vegan menu
Meat lovers may have got nervous this morning when Queen St. restaurant Lisa Marie announced they were switching to an all vegan menu.

Jack Astors

Jack Astor's introduces coin operated beers taps
But does it take tips? The chain that needs to give its dress codes a re-think thought coin operated beer taps would get the internet excited.

What did I miss? Add your favourite Toronto April Fools' pranks in the comments.

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