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The best and worst toboggan hills in Toronto

Toronto has a wide selection of toboggan hills thanks to its ravine system and numerous parks, but not all of these destinations are created equally. From hidden gems to those hills that have been officially banned, this city's tobogganing options are more varied than you might think.

Here are my picks for the best and worst toboggan hills in Toronto.


Milkman's Run
Named after a road used for transporting milk carts in the early 1900s, this pathway is located on the Beltline Trail just past the entrance to Craigleigh Gardens. It's the best undiscovered toboggan hill in the city. The hill is long, narrow and winding, so come here if you're prepared for a thrill-seeking adventure rather than a leisurely slide.

Riverdale Park East
This hill offers an incredible view of the city's skyline, which could serve as the backdrop for your Instagram post. This spot is a bit busier than the other options, but it's worth the crowds for photo cred and a fun sledding experience.

Christie Pits & Bickford Park
Christie Pits offers a variety of slopes. The steep hill on the north side (east of the skating rink) gets quite busy and offers little room to slow down, but sliding into the fence enclosing the baseball field almost adds to the fun. Bickford Park is a short jaunt across Bloor if you're looking for a less-crowded area to toboggan.

High Park
Although access to Hillside Gardens is banned, much of High Park is still open for tobogganing. And what thrill-seeking Torontonian pays attention to the signs anyway? The vastness of the park means there's sure to be a hill that suits your needs.

Centennial Park
Centennial's hill is wide and double the length of Riverdale Park's, allowing for hazard-free sledding. Take note that there are some parts of the park that are off limits, but there's still some fun left to be had in designated areas. Located just north of Rathburn Rd., the hill is long, steep and spacious, leaving plenty of room for error and a free workout climbing back up.


Winston Churchill
While Winston Churchill is steep in many places, it's short. Too short. Many of the steeper sections, including the western portion of the hill, are fenced off to prevent tobogganers from sliding straight onto Spadina Rd. The longer hill running into the ravine is disrupted by a jogging trail that cuts across, so it isn't the most ideal.

Trinity Bellwoods
Yes, it's one of the better parks to engage in some harmless beverages and bocce in the summer, but it's not the best place to go for sledding. The park is busy and the hill is far too short for the effort involved in lugging toboggans and snow gear. The only reason to come here is if you're looking for a sneaky ride on garbage bags while bar hopping on Queen.

What did I miss? Add your toboggan hill suggestions in the comments.

Photo of Riverdale Park East by Avehouse in the blogTO Flickr pool.

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