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The 17 most popular events at the Pan Am Games in Toronto

About 800,000 Pan Am Games tickets have been sold to date. For those of you last-minute planners, never fear! There are still lots of tickets available, but it just means that the medal rounds are selling out fast. So far, 100 Pan Am Games events, including about 75 medal events, are fully sold out.

Curious what have been the most popular events so far? We checked in with Pan Am Games organizers to get the scoop.

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Men's basketball
There are still lots of tickets for the preliminary rounds, and a few left for the medal rounds. Ticket prices range from $25 to $45.

Men's soccer
Take a day trip to Hamilton and watch one of the men's soccer games. They are going to be very competitive this year, and are hoping to win their first Pan Am medal. Tickets range from $20 to $40.

Women's softball
There are very few tickets available for the women's softball medal games. Preliminary tickets start at $20 while medal games can be close to $40.

Men's baseball
Despite being one of the cheaper sports to watch at the Pan Am Games, men's baseball tickets are still up for grabs. Most of the preliminary games are still open while the "Not Many Tickets" notice is flashing on the medal rounds. The medal events can cost up to $40 per ticket.

Beach volleyball
There are more tickets available for the women's medal events than the men's; although both are nearly sold out. Check out a preliminary game for only $20.

Indoor volleyball
Almost all of the preliminary games have tickets available, but the final two medal rounds are nearly sold out for both the men's and women's competition. Medal rounds cost $40 to $50.

Track & Field
The medal events on July 25 - which include the heptathlon, the men's 5,000 metres, and the women's 1,500 metres - are nearly sold out. But, there seems to be quite a few tickets available for the medal rounds on July 26! It is a bit more expensive, an evening medal round can cost up to $140 while a morning medal round is about $70, on the higher end.

Water Polo
One of the earlier events, water polo ends on July 15. The medal games can cost around $45.

It's surprising that such a popular sport like diving - at the reasonable cost of $20 to $40 - hasn't sold out yet. It's close though. Most of the games are nearly sold out, but there are still a few preliminary games that are completely open.


Canoe/Kayak Slalom
It's unfortunate that this sport is already sold out, as it's making its Pan Am Games debut. The finals are on July 19, so hopefully you can tune in to a broadcast.

Cycling - BMX
This two-day event will be held in one of the newly built Pan Am Games venues. Medal sessions begin at 4 p.m. on July 11.

Cycling - Track Cycling
This event will be held at the new Velodrome. Tickets are sold out, but it should be a televised favourite. Finals will be held on July 18-19.

Equestrian - Dressage, Eventing, Jumping
Equestrian is one of those sports very few people watch on television, but they will travel far and wide to see in person. Most of the games except for the very early preliminary sessions are sold out.

Modern Pentathlon
The modern pentathlon takes place over two days and doesn't have any preliminary rounds. That's probably why it sold out so fast.

The triathlon is also a popular Pan Am Games sport. It is a two day event - one for women and on for men. With no preliminary rounds, they probably sold out quickly.

Waterski & Wakeboard
The preliminary and medal games are sold out at the moment although I'm sure if you were to head near the Ontario Place West Channel, you may be able to spot the athletes.

Most gymnastics events are selling quickly, so it's not a surprise that the trampoline event is sold out. Canada is expected to do very well in this competition, and that could have fueled ticket sales.

What event are you most excited about? Let us know in the comments.

Photo via Baseball Canada.

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