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The top 10 patios on Church Street

Patios on Church Street are some of the best places to enjoy some of the most fabulous weather of the year during one of Toronto’s most fun weekends, and throughout the rest of the summer too. Get a bird’s eye view of the action down on the street, have a drink or two and enjoy one of our most energetic communities at its finest.

Here are my picks for the top patios on Church Street.

Church St. Garage

This sunny patio opens at 9 a.m. so you can start working on your tan early, as well as your buzz with super cheap domestic beer. Swooping views of the intersection ensure you don’t miss a thing the entire day.

Crews & Tangos

With space for around 75 and plenty of lush greenery, this is the spot to party under the stars until 3 in the morning, and maybe refuel with a bite of BBQ cooked right on the patio.

top patios church street toronto

O'Grady's is one of the busiest and most popular patios on the street. Photo by Jesse Milns.


Pitchers of beer are the drink of choice on this umbrella-filled patio with room for 100 that’s open super late: 2 a.m. on weekdays, 3 on weekends. Their kitchen is open late, too.

Boutique Bar

This tight little terrace is one of Church’s most highly coveted spots for people-watching. A ledge directly faces the street and the patio is even slightly raised: perfect for raising eyebrows all evening long.

top patios church street toronto

You'll get a great view of all the Pride festivities from the Statler's patio. Photo by Jesse Milns.


Only the most cutthroat of patio-goers will snag a spot on this patio overlooking Church with room for only 14. Get there right at 1 p.m. and be rewarded with some of the most envied views of the street below.


This very cute, ultra-dreamy patio will make you feel like you just snuck down a hidden alley in Moulin Rouge. Less action, but way more feels, and an exclusive vibe with room for just 18.

top patios church street toronto

Glad Day's quiet and narrow patio is a bookworm's getaway.  Photo by Jesse Milns.

Glad Day

This patio is connected to the new location of one of Toronto’s oldest and most venerable queer bookstores and it’s right at a central intersection, so you know it’s the place to be. Cocktails, beers, snacks, books and some of the best company make for epic open air hangs.

Black Eagle

There’s room for over a hundred leather lovers to unite at this large but private patio that hosts Sunday BBQs in the summer. Events, some free, take place in the club almost nightly.

top patios church street toronto

The patio at Churchmouse and Firkin is a way to spend the day socializing in the sun. Photo by Jesse Milns.

Churchmouse & Firkin

Though this patio may belong to a chain pub, there’s no doubt it’s fully a part of the Church community. Passers by and revellers seated at the tables are always interacting throughout the long hours this place is open.

Hair of the Dog

Space for nearly 100, twinkly lights, proximity to Ryerson, creeping vines, brunch on the weekends and a pre-noon opening time every day set this quieter patio apart. Just be prepared to move on by midnight during the week.

Lead photo by

Jesse Milns at Church St. Garage

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