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The best and worst of the Blue Jays on social media

Want to follow along with your favourite Toronto Blue Jays as they navigate the 2015 season? With Brett Lawrie now out of the fold it's time to look for a new bluebird to take on the mantle as the most favourited and re-tweeted player on the social web.

From verified to parody accounts, here's a rundown of the best and worst of the Blue Jays on social media.


This parody account is bringing you the best in the mundane thoughts during and after the game of pitcher R.A. Dickey. A hilarious way to get updates on all your jays news from your favourite fake pitcher.

Earlier this month Kevin Pillar's incredible catch against Tampa Bay went viral in the baseball community. Since then his Instagram account has really taken off. Adorable pictures of his family paired with BTS shots of the boys in blue make this account a must follow for Blue Jays fans.

Every Jays fan is preoccupied with the daily happenings of the dome, so keep things simple and follow @IsTheDomeOpen. Status updates for every game and any maintenance news is posted so that you can stop worrying about the dome and focus on that hotdog.

One of the Jays newbies, Hometown boy Dalton Pompey is representing on the field and on Twitter and Instagram. Between his adorable #TBT posts and his genuine excitement on being a GTA kid playing for The Jay's, Pompey is a definite follow.

First baseman Edwin Encarnacion posts the best behind-the-scenes shots of any member of the team. Ever wondered what Bautista looks like on a long plane ride? Check in with this Instagram account and find out. He's also great at RT-ing fan pictures and posts which is a nice touch.


The real R.A. Dickey is so much less interesting than @BoringRADickey. He only updates his twitter about once a week and his Instagram is essentially non existent. He should stick to the knuckleball and leave the tweeting to some of the younger members of the team.

I'll be the first to admit that announcer and ex-manager buck Martinez has some legendary hair. That being said, I can't get behind it having its own twitter account. I mean his hair is crazy but it's not exactly Left Shark. You can skip this follow.

You know those blooper reels of athletes all saying "You gotta go out and give 110%" that's essentially what outfielder Jose Bautista's Twitter feed is. So many earnest inspirational quotes. Not worth the follow but I did have a craving for a Booster Juice afterward, so I guess he has that going for him?

Sportsnet host and analyst Gregg Zaun actually has a pretty good Twitter feed staying up to date and actively engaged with fans. However, his Instagram is overwrought with very harshly angled selfies. Gregg, I'll gladly go over proper selfie protocol with you but until then I do not need that many double chins on my feed.

Shortstop Munenori Kawasaki has proved to be one of the most charming personalities in the Blue Jays organization but his social media presence does not reflect that. Kawasaki is always an MVP on camera and during interviews, however, his twitter feed falls pretty flat. Skip the follow and go directly to some of his greatest hits on YouTube.

Who did I miss? Add your favourite Blue Jays to follow on social media in the comments.

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