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The top 10 Toronto podcasts

The top Toronto podcasts are dominated with shows devoted to laughs, Canadiana, films and sex. We're in the age of podcasts with more and more people not only listening but also making their own shows.

Podcasts like Serial, a This American Life spin off, are dominating international charts for the most listened-to programs in history. This list of Toronto podcasts includes an eclectic line-up ranging from shows devoted to our sagging hockey team to those dedicated to chatting about periods.

Here are the top Toronto podcasts as voted by readers of this site.

The Steve Dangle Podcast
The Steve Dangle Podcast is the brainchild of a hockey blogger who can't stop writing and posting about his favourite sport. The die-hard Leafs fan has been making YouTube videos and talking hockey in the blogosphere since 2007. His podcast is an extension of his brand, all hockey, all the time.

Taggard and Torrens radio Show
The Taggart and Torrens podcast, with Jeremy Taggart and Jonathan Torrens promises to throttle you with Canadianity. So if you're in need of a strong dose of Canadiana tune in to hear these affable guys chit chat about Canadian trivia, maple syrup shots, hockey, and favourite Canadian kid shows.

That's How I Remember It
In this podcast the Nice Guys, Michael Mongiardi, Sharjil Rassol, John Richardson, and Raul Delgado, all Toronto-based improv artists, recreate the plots of popular films to the best of their recollection. The episodes are always filled with wacky fun as the guys loosely follow the plot of iconic films like The Wizard of Oz. Expect much laughter to ensue.

Jesse Brown's Canadaland, the podcast that has dominated mainstream news headlines because it helped break the Jian Ghomeshi story, is number four on our list. Brown, who's building his profile as a media-watchdog uses the show as a platform to expose the mainstream media's blunders and shortcomings. Canadaland is essential listening for any news, media or political junkie.

Sex & The Single Parent
Sex and the Single Parent is a podcast about the struggles and rewards of being a single parent. Precious Chong and Melissa Story - two single moms and comedians - share their irreverent take on topics like the stigma of having multiple kids with different fathers to why having a family can be the best muse a comedian can have. The show also features interviews with other comedians, musicians and personalities who happen to be single parents.

The Dew Over
The Dew Over is a podcast that wants to right the wrongs of movie and pop culture history. Jamie Dew hosts the show, and rounds up his friends and colleagues to talk about creating a new canon of movies by reviewing the winners and losers of past Academy Awards. This is the podcast for anyone who wants to geek out on cinema history.

ReHash is a show where comedians talk about why they tweet, when they tweet, where they tweet and how drunk they were when they tweeted that thing you saw. The host is comedian Matt O'Brien who riffs about his week on social media from the latest Instagram pics to posts on Facebook.

See You Next Wednesday
See You Next Wednesday is a film and pop culture podcast hosted by Greg LeGros, Casey Lyons and Dan Gorman. The comedic show jokes around about the latest hits to hit theatres every Wednesday just in time to prepare you for your weekly film needs.

The Crimson Wave
The Crimson Wave is a podcast hosted by a kick-ass female comedy duo that's dedicated to one of the most cringe-worthy topics for male chauvinists, menstruation. This weekly podcast hosted by feminist besties Natalie Norman and Jess Beaulieu is dedicated exclusively to stories and conversations about a woman's period. If you ever wanted to know how to get your red-wings this is the show for you.

Dungeons and Dragons Under the Influence
As the name suggests, this is a podcast about the role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons. The concept is simple, a bunch of guys play the game while getting drunk. The popularity of the show is proof that if you do something you love, like minded geeks will find you.

What's missing from the list? Add your favourite Toronto podcasts to the comments.

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