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The top 10 karate classes in Toronto

Karate classes in Toronto are what you need if working toward a Black Belt has been on your to-do list. Toronto has a good deal of martial arts schools that can make that happen. Karate offers numerous benefits that extend beyond the physical sweat-breaking workout. It's also a great way to master self discipline and learn the basics of self-defense.

Here are my picks for the top karate classes in Toronto.

Danforth Karate

The Danforth’s premiere Karate school is led by Master Instructor Shihan Gord David who received his Black Belt in 1975 and has been practicing martial arts since he was a kid. You know you’re in safe hands with this seasoned professional. The school serves Pee Wee Karate, juniors, and adults.

North Toronto Karate School

Led by master instructor Michael Palitti, a Martial Arts Hall of Famer, NTKS has served the community for 17 years. The Black Belt instructors have over 30 years of experience and lead classes for students as young as three.

Gold Tiger Karate Dojo

Led by head instructor Shane Walters, Gold Tiger teaches Goju Ryu style, a hard-soft style and Karate-do, an empty hand way. Classes teach linear attacks with circular movements to create a mix of grappling, sweeps, throws, and locks. Adult one-hour classes are taught downtown Wednesday to Friday in the evenings.

MFTK Martial Arts Academy

MFTK is a school that teaches the foundational skills of karate along with other martial arts training. It offers a free intro class for aspiring karate kickers. Instructors at this spot on Eglinton East have taught over 500 Black Belt students. 

Horizon Kempo

Located in the Beaches, Horizon martial arts teaches in the Kempo karate style, a blend of two types of martial arts training and disciplines with hard and soft movements. Horizon also has programs for kickboxing and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu with numerous classes for kids and adults in the evenings and on weekends.

Toronto Academy of Karate, Fitness and Health

With several locations across Toronto, the Academy provides extensive karate training programs for kids and adults. The curriculum is based on Sensei Bert Freeman’s 43 years of experience. The Academy has 10 weekly classes taught by a different experienced Black Belt teacher, each bringing their own unique style of training and movement.

Toronto Kyokushin

Located in the Upper Beaches, Kyokushin offers a tough karate method of traditional Kyokushin. It’s designed for endurance, discipline and coordination. Kyokushin offers after-school programs for kids, and adult and teen karate classes. If you want to maximize your fitness program, do one of the strength and core classes featuring intense equipment like the Bulgarian bag, snake trainer, and Gladiator wall.

Northern Karate Schools

Northern Karate has 15 locations across the GTA with a range of martial arts programs. The school has been delivering martial arts educational programs for over 30 years and trains children and adults. In addition to the novice and Black Belt programs, NKS provides workshops like Budo Bliss and yoga, a combo of martial arts and yoga, cardio combat fitness, and bootcamp.

Toronto Goju Ryu Karate

Located in Cabbagetown, Goju Ryu is a complete martial arts performance that includes strikes, throws, and pressure points. You’ll be trained in Goju Ryu, soft control techniques and hard strikes. Classes are held Tuesdays and Thursdays in the evening for students over 18 years old. 

Ki Karate

Ki is a an 8,000-square-foot modern karate studio in North York. Its approach is to combine karate with rhythm and dance to inspire thoughtful movements while focusing on strength, flexibility, and balance. Its unique approach also emphasizes the use of yoga movements.

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