24 hour gyms toronto

24 hour gyms in Toronto

24-hour gyms in Toronto, unfortunately, eliminate all excuses. After all, it really is quite difficult to justify skipping the gym when you can start your workout pretty much whenever you want. Yet there are advantages to the 4 a.m. gym visit; little waiting for machines, lots of room to stretch, and scant appearances by loud-mouthed treadmill bunnies with boyfriend problems. Win? I think so.

Of course, you'll be left to your own devices (unless you offer your trainer a wicked incentive), but that just means you'll be able to blast your most guilty musical pleasure from your iPod headphones and not worry about sideways glances from a Phil Collins-hating spinner to your left. And that's enough to get me excited about hitting the gym.

Here are some gyms in Toronto offering 24-hour access:

Adrenalin Fitness
Adrenalin Fitness is now at a new location on Tycos Drive west of Dufferin and Glencairn. While it is still in transition, you can still check out Adrenalin's facilities at any time of day (or night). It is now part of a 36,000 square foot location operating under the Calidonna Fitness Group Ltd., incorporating a women-only training facility, as well as a wellness centre. Adrenalin has hot yoga, squash, boxing, MMA, and more.

Bloor Street Boxing & Fitness
The 8,000 square foot facility operated by Bloor Street Boxing & Fitness is open 24/7, giving you a place to get out some of that after work aggression. At Bloor and Dundas, it is staffed until 9p.m. most days, though you can schedule appointments with individual personal trainers after hours. Along with group and one-on-one boxing and fitness classes, Bloor Street Boxing now offers yoga and Pilates classes.

Fitness 365
I guess they could have called it Fitness 365/24/7, though that's a bit of a mouthful. In case it wasn't already obvious, Fitness 365 is open everyday, all day, meaning you can get in that Christmas sweat, if you so desire (who doesn't?). Its 17,000 square foot facility is located on Ronson Drive, at Highway 401 and Martingrove Road, and offers a range of equipment and classes. You can also opt for sport specific training and one-on-one Pilates instruction.

Fortis Fitness
Fortis Fitness at Carlaw south of Dundas also offers 24/7 access, along with month-to-month membership options, which for some reason strikes me as going hand-in-hand. Its focus is on healthy living, and Fortis trainers strive to incorporate exercise and muscle building with good food choices. New members receive an access card giving them 24/7 access to the facility, as well as a free "Fat Loss 101" seminar.

King/Liberty GoodLife Fitness
For the Liberty Village crowd there's GoodLife Fitness, which offers 24-hour access four days a week. This GoodLife on Hanna Ave. if pretty much like its nationwide brothers and sisters, offering personal training, a whole range of equipment, group cycling, and childcare (though sadly, no 2a.m. daycare). Of course, an added bonus is that there's a 24-hour grocery store across the street, allowing you to undo your workout deeds almost immediately.

Snap Fitness
Snap Fitness on Roncesvalles offers anytime workouts for the High Park crowd, and reality TV hooks for the trash TV-obsessed like myself, with programs such as its "Biggest Looooser Challenge." Along with a variety of equipment and programs, Snap has started offering Kettlebell classes and will soon add TRX to its roster. It also has resources for training and nutrition available to members online.

Did we miss a 24 hour gym in Toronto? Please add it to the comments below.

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