Holiday Travel: The Flight Guru

Heading to warmer, sunnier, exotic destinations this holiday season?

Before you hop on that plane, be sure you know the score. These tips will hopefully help you get a good seat, catch you up to speed on the constanty changing carry-on rules (they're still watching carefully for liquids and snakes), and keep you from getting life-threatening blood clots...

1) If you're going far away in-flight comfort is essential, and you'll want a good seat. Have a peek at the Seat Guru before you book. Input your airline and aircraft type, and you'll get a graphic map of the seating layout. This will help you get that prized seat whether you prefer the aisle, window, extra leg room, or an area close to or far from the lavatories. When you buy your ticket, find out first if seating assignments are done at that time and if not, check-in early and request the best seat on the plane, which you've scoped out in advance.

2) The Canadian Aiport Transit Security Authority is your go-to guide to what you can and can't bring in your carry-on and checked luggage. The current rules for liquids and gels are as follows: they have to be in individual containers of less than 100mL each and combined into a clear ziplock bag with no greater than 1L capacity. In other words, those travel sized shampoos, hair gels, skin creams, and toothpaste are your new best travel friends.

[Zippo lighters are allowed on your person but not in checked in bags, but your Japanese throwing stars are not allowed in either. Catapults, in general, are not permitted, but apparently may be permitted in checked bags if approved by the air carrier.]

3) Lastly, keep yourself from getting stiff and fight boredom by doing exercises in your seat. You may look silly, but you'll feel better than the clown who's laughing at you when he reaches for his Pina Colada in pain the next day.

Have a safe and fun trip this holiday season!

(Flickr easter egged photo: Photosapience Daily)

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