Pillow Fight League 4

Pillow Fight League held their forth fierce battle last (last) Friday at The Courthouse. Sorry, late post, but I had a tone of photos to edit from this event! With endless dramatics and plenty of brutal battles, I was enthralled for hours!

I took all these photos, so I'm going to use them. Check out my photo tour of the event after the jump. The only thing better is being there, so stay tuned for announcements about upcoming events and check the Pillow Fight League site for details: PFL News

Like any good Canadian sporting event, it started with the National Anthem:


The dramatics of the event were instantly apparent from the colourful master of ceremonies:


To the Commissioner called who was called away on urgent business to Easter Europe:


Things started off with the veteran Polly Esther vs the new comer Ursula Anvil. Ursula kicked some serious ass for a newcomer, but Polly came out on top. I call fix ;)


Second up was Boozy Suzy vs Sarah Bellum. Boozy was too much for the brainiac.



Up next was suppose to be a little tag team action with Better Clocker & Digit Jones taking on Vic Payback and Tashley, but a surprise challenge from a reprimanded fighter from PFL3 (I think it was Sister Resistor), resulted in an impromptu battle with Better Clocker, leaving Digit Jones to take on the two girls by her self!



After Betty took down her challenger, it was time for a little amateur action. Just sign up and fight:



After the amateur was one of the weirder fights of the night. The insanely hyper Pixie Stix took on the pajama wearing Lynn Somnia. Before I knew what had happened, Lynn had fallen asleep on Pixie, and was declared the winner:


Up next was all out war, with the classic Navy vs Air Force battle of Sailor Gerri taking on Sally Spitfire. It was a heated battle, but the Sally sunk this Sailor's battleship in the end:


We're not done yet! Then came the two-on-one battle with Digit Jones giving Vic Payback & Trashley a serious smack down! This was an absolutely vicious fight with bloody noses and concussions! Mayhem folks!




Over yet? Not quite... More matches!

"PFL fighters Kilkelly (blonde), Irish soccer thug and Laura Tunderin' Jesus (pink skirt), Newfie drunk layabout"


More amateur fights!


Ok, the final fight! The title match!

PFL World Champion "Persian Princess" vs The #1 Contender "Champain"

Amateur hour was clearly over as these girls brought the fight to a whole new level! Pillows were flying faster than the eye could see. Two refs and two bouncers could barely keep these two from exploding off the mats. It was utter insanity! And when the dust settled, we had a new champion... Champain!



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