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Weekly grocery shopping just got a lot easier in Toronto thanks to Catherine Reitman

Toronto residents now have easier access to groceries than ever before thanks to on-demand grocery delivery via DoorDash — from workin' parents to busy professionals alike, it’s time to take advantage!

On DoorDash, you can order groceries like fresh produce, meat, seafood, dairy and everyday staples from over 1,000 grocery stores.

With the ease, flexibility and convenience of ordering groceries right to your door, the only question remains — what do I add to my list?

Luckily, DoorDash has partnered with the star and co-creator of CBC’s Workin’ Moms, Catherine Reitman, to help busy Canadians save time on their weekly grocery orders by sharing her go-to grocery lists — which you can add to your basket and customize throughout the week for fresh groceries delivered right to your doorstep.

doordash canada

A quick grocery list for busy parents 

For the busy parent with too much on their plate, Catherine Reitman suggests keeping it simple with versatile staples like boneless skinless chicken breast, yellow onions, extra lean ground beef, Roma tomatoes, two per cent partly skimmed milk and Greek yogurt with probiotics.

Since you’re also dealing with mess, having some extra hand soap comes in handy (literally).

Partner that with easy snacks like carrots, hummus, tortilla chips, pico de gallo, cheese strings, raspberries, and organic red grapes  and you’ve got a Reitman-approved (and full!) pantry ready with all you need to tackle the demands of parenthood. 

Don’t forget to get yourself a sippable treat to share with the kids, like hot chocolate.

On-demand groceries for the working professional

Reitman knows the potential pitfalls of leading a busy work life (it’s in the title of her show, after all!). If you’re partial to late nights at the office, you’ll want convenient and nutritious food options to fuel the candle you’re burning at both ends.

doordash canada

But, with versatile staples like basmati rice, all-purpose flour, white extra-large eggs, English cucumbers, whole grain bread and butter croissants, Catherine Reitman’s list is setting you up to throw together a quick nutritious meal without much fuss.

But we're all about saving time, so skip the cleaning by lining your pans with some aluminum foil!

You’ve also got some quick treats like bananas, blueberries, and almond milk and to help tide you over until your next big meeting — with some green tea to help with hydration.

doordash canadaSo, what are you waiting for? Enhance your grocery shopping experience with Catherine Reitman’s curated lists, tailored to suit your busy lifestyle.

You can easily customize these grocery baskets with your own favourite products for a seamless delivery of fresh groceries with DoorDash.

Forgot something on your order? We’ve all been there, so DoorDash has made it easy for you to add items while your order is still in progress.

For new DoorDash grocery shoppers, Canadians can get 40 per cent off (up to $25) on their first two grocery orders of $50 or more using code GETFRESH40 until May 20.

Download DoorDash now to start saving time on grocery shopping.

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