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We tried the brand-new candy box curated by Toronto hockey hero Mitch Marner

Hometown hero and hockey star Mitch Marner has teamed up with Canada's homegrown delivery app Skip, and this time the name of the game is everything sweet!

Introducing Mitch's Mix, a handpicked, curated candy box filled with 16 of Mitch's favourite childhood treats and snacks, in collaboration with leading North American candy retailer, Candy Funhouse.

skipAvailable exclusively on Skip's rapid grocery delivery service, Skip Express Lane across the GTA, the custom-branded box is filled with gum, chips, chocolate and even more deliciously yummy sweets, totalling 16 treats to try.* 

"Killer snacks are a game-changer for every occasion," explains Marner in a release. "Skip has always been my go-to for food, wherever I'm playing across the country, and they just stepped up their game with a lineup of my all-time favourite snacks and candy — perfect for the ultimate candy fan!"

SkipTheDishesMitch's Mix candy boxes include everything to satisfy your cravings, levelling up the snacking game for Ontarians. Each limited-edition candy box retails for just $29.99 and with Skip Express Lane's on-demand delivery, it can be in your hands in 30 minutes or less.

We got to dig into this candy box, which includes everything from Shock Rocks to Glee Gum**. Here are some of our top highlights from Mitch's Mix.

Nestle Kit Kat Chunky Popcorn Bar

Take a Nestle Kit Kat bar, beef it up, add a touch of salty goodness and you'll have the wondrous creation that is the Kit Kat Chunky Popcorn Bar.

mitch marner skip the dishesFlipping the OG Kit Kat bar on its head, this chunky version has its own popcorn layer nestled between wafers and smothered in silky smooth chocolate. Great pick on this one, Mitch!

eFrutti Gummi Burger Candi

We agree with Mitch's tastebuds on this nostalgic mini-treat. The eFrutti Gummi Burger Candi is a classic squishy sweet consisting of two gummy buns and lettuce, cheese and meat layers for one crafty combo. We dare you to try and finish it in two bites or less!

Cadbury Curly Wurly

Fresh from the U.K., Cadbury's Curly Wurly is a beloved treat across the pond and now it's available in Mitch's Mix! Braided strands of golden caramel are covered in tasty milk chocolate, creating an iconic patterned chocolate bar that you won't want to put down.

mitch marner skip the dishes

Fritos Flavor Twists Honey BBQ

Sometimes all we need is a bag of chips, right? Well, this salty feature in Mitch's Mix is the perfect solution for a crunchy craving.

Fritos has coated its iconic corn twists with smokey BBQ sauce and bright honey for one satisfying bite. Perfect for a snack between practices, sweet and savoury is a combo that never fails.

Charms Blow Pop Black Ice

Mitch is bringing back old-school snacks for candy fans, and this Charms Blow Pop Black Ice is definitely a blast from the past. It's a delicious candy-sweet blackberry sucker on the outside with the iconic pink bubble gum on the inside!

How many licks does it take to get to the bubble gum centre? That's for you to figure out! Charms Blow Pops have been a fan favourite since 1969 and now it's Mitch's go-to lollipop.

Order Mitch's Mix on Skip today

Want to know what makes this limited-time candy box even sweeter? Proceeds from each Mitch's Mix sale will be donated to the Marner Assist Foundation, which provides resources to youth and children.

Mitch's Mix is available directly in the Skip app now for Skip customers in the GTA — but hurry, this one won't last long.

*Skip customers can click the Rapid Grocery icon in the app to purchase one of these limited-edition candy boxes.

**Products may vary, subject to availability.

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