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We caught up with Toronto artist GANGBOX for their latest 3D garment project

Ever wonder about the connections between clothing, durability and sustainability? Canada Goose has recently partnered with one of Toronto's renowned multidisciplinary artists to create a giant public installation that works to unpack these questions.

Moya Garrison-Msingwana, also known as GANGBOX, has created and built a large-scale installation comprised of five giant 3D, human-like figures measuring six-to-nine feet tall ⁠— all made with upcycled Canada Goose fabrics and details, for their HUMANAUTRE platform. 

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Entitled Stitched in Ages, the project is derived in part from Msingwana's already existing LAUNDRY painting series, which explores the human body with various draping layers and textiles.

We sat down with GANGBOX to get a peek into his creative process and learn more about the work that went into Stitched in Ages, which is running 24/7 at the Harbourfront Centre, from June 6 to June 26th.

canada gooseBased in Toronto and raised in the west end, Msingwana says he has always viewed clothing as an extension of the self, which he uses to explore "identity and character traits through excessively layered garments."

Inspired by Canada Goose's mission to keep the planet cold and the people on it warm, GANGBOX was able to access extra-durable and protective upcycled fabrics from the brand to create fabric sculptures. In this surreal and 3D form, his LAUNDRY series gains a brand-new layer with a heavier focus on materials.

"Stitched in Ages and LAUNDRY speak to each other because they both use the same approach involving drapery and the human form to send a message," Msingwana tells blogTO. "It also feels like a departure because this project puts so much emphasis on the material itself and preventing waste, not just semiotic and personal meaning which was the initial idea behind the work."

A big talking point in the world of fashion, upcycling and re-using fabrics targets better sustainability practices — something Canada Goose is deeply invested in. 

"The goal of the installation is to show people that fast fashion is unsustainable and to prove the necessity of durable materials in a creative way. For the first time, I considered just the forms and colours alone ahead of time to generate these custom designs that really pop in a natural landscape."

Expect to find a "colourful, surreal and fully immersive installation" when visiting Stiched in Ages, according to GANGBOX, where five sculptures mix into the green spaces while poufs (made with the same materials) are intended to be used as seats so viewers can connect with the environment.

canada gooseUsing only the highest-quality materials from Canada Goose, GANGBOX says the experience has helped him reach a greater audience and extend the lifespan of unused fabrics — an intended moment of educational pause for viewers.

"People will benefit from the opportunity to ruminate on the value of their clothing and its potential to last for ages while ensuring people get maximum use out of it," he tells blogTO. And once the activation is complete, all materials from the installation will be donated and recycled.

As for what HUMANATURE means to GANGBOX personally, he sums it up with a meaningful thought: 

"It means total acceptance of our oneness with the natural world. It sometimes feels like society treats itself as separate from our planet." Oneness with nature "would most likely help us come to grips with a slightly simpler more connected experience with each other and the wonders around us."

So go grab a seat and immerse yourself in the GANGBOX and Canada Goose collaboration, Stitched in Ages, running at North Orchard Park at the Harbourfront Centre from June 6 to June 26th.

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