MSI Modern 15

We tested this new laptop from MSI Canada to see how it handles different processing scenarios

As much as we’re attached to our devices, if you’re typing away on a screeching RustBook Pro on its last legs, then it might be time for an upgrade.

Trying to find a new computer takes a lot of sifting through different tech reviewers until your YouTube algorithm starts trying to sell you new computers 24/7. To save you the trouble, we got our hands on the PC Reader’s Choice and 2022 Reddot Winning computer -- the MSI Modern 15 laptop.

Currently only available at Best Buy Canada, this easy-to-use computer was described to us as a machine capable of handling multiple processes without missing a beat. I’m not one for slick marketing copy, so I decided to test this computer out for myself to see if it really holds up.

The best laptop for everyday use

MSI Modern 15The first real test of this laptop was simple: could it replace my personal computer?

Now, I’m no coder, nor do I use any heavy computing programs in my spare time. I’m a man of simple pleasures — I just need some basic word processing, something that can handle a YouTube video, and won’t break from one drop out of my clumsy little hands.

The day-to-day use of the MSI Modern 15 was super intuitive and could handle all of my daily tasks — thanks to the Intel 12th GEN Core i5 processors and Iris Xe graphics chip. I really appreciated the large, 15.5” FHD screen while I was watching Succession. 

The thin bezels and matte black also gave the laptop a sleek look, while the shell was super durable and handled a few drops. (I said I was clumsy!)

The screen is also able to bend to a complete 180 degrees, which means you have ample room to adjust it around for different viewing angles. Also, the easy-to-lift screen helps prop the computer up so it’s not resting right on the table — allowing it to easily circulate hot air out when you need it.

A brand-new work laptop

MSI Modern 15Next is the work test. I am but a humble writer who just needs a digital typewriter to scribble down my words and disseminate them to the masses (like you, reading this article). I would say the computer passed with flying colours (as I’m currently writing this article on the laptop).

The keyboard on the MSI Modern 15 is also nicely spaced out with a nice tactile feeling to it — and 1.5 mm key travel to make for more of an ergonomic typing experience. The backlit keyboard also helped make the keys nice and bright, which came in handy while I was working out of my overcast "work cave" at home.

Carrying from cave to office was also really easy, as the laptop weighs an ultra-light 1.7kg,  and is an ultra-slim 19.9mm. While it seems large, it was really easy to just slip it into my knapsack and head out the door.

I also like to keep my battery settings on “energy efficient” so I can get the most juice without having to hook up my laptop to a wall plug. At certain points over the test week, I got a full workday’s use out of the MSI Modern 15 without having to connect it to power.

Even when the battery was running low, as batteries are known to do, I was able to charge it relatively quickly — up to 60% within 53 mins using 20V PD-in Charging and DC-in adapter.

Redesigned for ease of use

MSI Modern 15The big selling point for the MSI Modern 15 — and MSI’s other computers — is the new edition of MSI Center Pro, which comes included with five main categories.

The MSI Center Main Function lets you see the basic system information, while the settings and utility section lets you customize common options for your laptop. They also have a Smart Optimization section, which helps improve the computer’s system stability through AI optimization.

There are also two Pro features, which let you examine and analyze your computer to locate any issues and diagnose the problem, and a customer service window to solve those issues as they come in.

This newly redesigned software gives you full control over your computer’s functionality and keeps you informed about its health.

Want to give it a try? Get the MSI Modern 15 laptop for yourself, currently available at Best Buy Canada.

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