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4 ways GreenShield+ is changing the healthcare and benefits game in Canada

While the Canadian healthcare system is certainly one to be proud of, it’s no secret that it’s experiencing unprecedented demands and strain, especially since the pandemic. In fact, over the past 30 years, wait times from referral to treatment have increased nearly 300% according to an annual study by the Fraser Institute.

Having reliable health insurance benefits, and access to the specialists you need is paramount in today's digitizing world. Imagine getting timely referrals for treatment, or speaking to a therapist at the touch of a button without a bunch of claim paperwork and out-of-pocket expenses.

That's the world GreenShield is bringing to reality for Canadians, because everyone can benefit from better benefits. 

benefits canadaIf you’re looking for reliable benefits coverage, GreenShield, Canada’s only national not-for-profit insurer, is changing the healthcare and benefits experience in Canada with the upcoming launch of GreenShield+ - a first-of-its-kind digital health and benefits ecosystem.

Powered by Google Cloud and Microsoft, GreenShield+ will offer streamlined, connected care and reimbursement by integrating the company’s health services and benefits plans. Yes you read that right, it’s your healthcare, claims, and reimbursements all in one. 

benefits canadaThe GreenShield+ app will integrate all aspects of healthcare, from diagnostic and treatment appointments to prescriptions and self-guided tools for things like therapy. The app seamlessly connects to your benefits plan, so you'll never question what you're covered for because it's automatically applied.

Here are just a few ways that GreenShield+ is changing the game for the better:

Convenience — access all types of health and benefits services anytime, anywhere

Whether you're ordering a prescription for delivery because you're too sick to get out of bed, or connecting with a therapist because you're finding it hard to get up and face the world, GreenShield+ will allow you to take advantage of all sorts of services anytime, anywhere with the tap of a button on your phone.

benefits canadaThe pharmacy-at-your-door option is key to cutting out time-consuming trips for medication pick-ups, and benefit claim reimbursement is conveniently integrated without paperwork, right through the app.

Seamlessly integrated treatment across the board

With GreenShield+, all aspects of your care will "talk to each other," so to speak, so you yourself don't have to do as much talking to every new specialist you connect with.

These integrated services make getting the help you need more of a personalized experience, with access to all the different care types you could need in one place -- in the palm of your hand.

benefits canadaThis goes beyond the medical care itself, too, with options for filing benefits claims, with all your records securely stored in the app. This means no paperwork while the app automatically incorporates all sources of funding that your plan provides for reimbursement, which is a godsend when care includes multiple specialists, administrative processes, and visits.

The care you need, when you need it

With GreenShield+, you'll be able to conveniently consult with thousands of health professionals, whether it's a general practitioner or a specialist, without the long wait.

benefits canadaAnd, because GreenShield is the only payer-provider in Canada -- meaning they're the only company that offers insurance and pays claims (the payer) while offering healthcare services (the provider) -- there are far fewer time-consuming administrative hurdles to jump through. From healthcare services to treatment and reimbursement, GreenShield+ bridges that gap between parties.

This comprehensive ecosystem is not only simpler, but quicker, bringing Canadians the connectivity they expect through an improved digital interface.

Helping Canadians access care while helping others

GreenShield is also, quite uniquely, Canada’s only national not-for-profit insurer, and it exists to give back.

The provider has no-cost service options for underserved populations such as lower income earners, and reinvests earnings and self-funds the deployment of health services to Canadian communities that need them through their social impact, GreenShield Cares initiatives.

benefits canadaThe company has committed to generating $75 million of social impact investments to improve the lives of at least 1 million Canadians by 2025, with a focus on mental and oral health.

So when you log into GreenShield+ to access tools like online Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (iCBT), a digital self-guided program that teaches you better ways to cope with things like anxiety, low mood, phobias and more, you're actually helping yourself through treatment while helping other Canadians get better, too.

In just over a year, 60,000 women have accessed free mental health support through GreenShield Cares’ social impact initiatives., and it's committed over $20 million to enhance oral services in underserved communities, already helping over 35,000 Canadians in need access free dental care.

Whether you're a business owner or HR representative looking for employee benefits plans, or you're an individual seeking your own benefits, visit GreenShield's newly rebranded website to learn more about how you can benefit from better benefits.

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