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Here are 3 good reasons to bundle your streaming services in Canada

Remember the days when entertainment meant switching on the TV and watching whatever random TV show or movie was on? Nowadays, we have the ability to watch whatever we want, whenever we want, thanks to multiple streaming platforms.

While this has its advantages, the number of streaming platforms available does seem limitless, and each one offers something the others do not. We also find ourselves juggling between different subscriptions to access the content we want -- which is not only inconvenient, but can get pretty expensive.

That's where Stream+, TELUS' one-of-a-kind new streaming bundle, can really make a difference. Here are three ways it can make your entertainment experience easier.

It can solve account-sharing limitations

In case you missed it, Netflix in particular began cracking down on password sharing in Canada, meaning that one account you may share with your whole family, exes, or coworkers is only available at one primary (IP) address. Many are choosing not to upgrade to the Netflix premium account to enable password sharing, opting to cancel their subscriptions altogether.

streaming bundlesStream+ is Canada’s first and only premium streaming bundle that provides new and existing TELUS customers with unlimited content from Netflix Premium, Apple TV+, and discovery+ for just $28 a month when they add it to their TELUS mobility plan -- meaning there's no need for separate subscriptions.

It can help you budget and save

A survey commissioned by TELUS found that 90 per cent of Canadians would bundle streaming services together to save money if they could, and 83 per cent would find it more convenient to have all streaming service costs reflected on one single bill.streaming bundles

By bundling popular streaming services, you can save money and hassle as you'll get billed once monthly right along with your phone bill. It's one of the easiest ways to watch unlimited entertainment from numerous devices simultaneously, whether from your phone, laptop, tablet, or TV.

What's more, existing accounts for any of these streaming services can be linked with Stream+, allowing you to keep your viewing history, watchlists, and favourites.

Access to amazing content

With Stream+, you'll also get access to TELUS TV+, where you can discover hard-to-find TELUS originals, TELUS Presents, STORYHIVE, and local maCommunauté shows like "The Responder" and "Red Chef Revival."

Streaming bundlesNew content is added to Steam+ every week, so whether you're looking for a gripping true crime documentary or the latest rom-com, there's something for everyone to enjoy.

To learn more about Stream+, click here.

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