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A new car subscription service just landed in Toronto and it'll shake up the industry

In the midst of record inflation, most Canadians have had to seriously reconsider big splurges such as cars and homes, which pose major commitments, tying you down financially and otherwise.

But when it comes to needing a vehicle, the alternative options aren't ideal, either, whether you end up having to rent a car every time you need a ride for a specific trip, or you take Ubers everywhere.

If you're looking for something with more consistency and reliability than renting or ride-sharing, but are also hoping for something with more flexibility and less long-term commitment than typical ownership, there is a new option that just got to Toronto: a car subscription service called Roam

And, you can get a big discount on your first subscription.

car rental torontoRoam offers a completely different model that'll change the game, providing all of the perks of owning your own car with way more flexibility and less commitment than you're used to.

With Roam, you can get a car for however long you want and then switch to a new one if you'd prefer something different or just want something new. And if you need to pause your subscription because you're going away for a few months or your circumstances change, you can simply return the car.

Roam’s service gives you access to any car in the fleet so you can drive an SUV in the winter and then switch to an electric sedan in the summer as your lifestyle and needs change.

It's a departure from traditional car ownership, in which you're usually tied to one car for a set number of years through a leasing contract, or worse, for life until you sell it, if you bought it outright yourself.

And, unlike with short-term renting or car-sharing apps, Roam is simple, secure and all-inclusive, designed as a long-term solution with things like routine maintenance, roadside assistance, and auto insurance built into the price so you don't have to worry — you can even get a vehicle conveniently delivered right to your door with Roam's valet option.

The unique car subscription model is not only a great one for individuals but for businesses, too, helping you avoid the extra administrative work and hassles of leasing or owning.

car rental torontoIt's a great way to own your dream car without the headaches of traditional ownership, whether it's an Audi or Mercedes-Benz, Honda or Toyota, Volkswagen or Tesla — they're all available through the platform, where you can manage all aspects of your subscription on your phone.

So if you're ready to try out the future of car ownership, book your Roam car subscription now with the code BLOGTO150 for $150 off your first car subscription.

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