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Here are 5 ways the LCBO is helping to shape a sustainable Ontario

While you're stocking up for all of the festive get-togethers and merriment to come this season, the retailer where you're purchasing your libations — the LCBO, of course — is hard at work behind the scenes doing good all year round.

We know the retailer has "Ontario" as part of its namesake, but did you know that all net profits from LCBO go back to the province to support critical services like healthcare, education and infrastructure?

But it doesn’t stop there. Through the LCBO's Spirit of Sustainability platform, the beverage alcohol retailer is making massively positive impacts in Ontario, encouraging big changes to the beverage alcohol industry, or donating directly to causes within local communities.

Here are just some ways that the LCBO is building a more sustainable Ontario with your support:

Supporting equity and inclusion through dedicated programs

The LCBO has spearheaded programs like the Spirit of Inclusion Initiative (SOII), which provides scholarships, bursaries and mentorships for diverse women to break into and flourish in the alcohol industry.

lcboThe retailer is also a signatory of the BlackNorth Initiative CEO Pledge to fight against systemic barriers faced by Black Canadians, is an official sponsor of Pride Toronto, and supports community partners like the Indigenous Youth Skills training program at Habitat for Humanity.

The LCBO has also raised money for the Women’s College Hospital Foundation through its dedicated annual equity campaign to guarantee that Ontarians across all backgrounds can access quality healthcare.

Influencing the industry

Through the Spirit of Sustainability platform, the LCBO empowers the beverage alcohol industry to promote inclusive social and environmental practices while sharing knowledge to advance sustainability. 

lcboBy collaborating with like-minded partners, the LCBO is able to foster real positive change within the industry. Through their Good Partner program, they recognize products and producers in-store and online, who are committed to diversity and inclusion, community investment, and making a positive impact on the environment.

Protecting the planet

To continually reduce the impact its operations have on the planet, the LCBO introduced initiatives like the Lightweight Bottle Program over a decade ago, which reduces greenhouse gas emissions and makes LCBO an international leader in reducing beverage alcohol waste.

In 2021, the retailer prevented an entire 81 per cent of waste from its retail service centres from landfills, while it continues to reduce waste in other ways too: across its retail network of 680+ stores, it encourages the purchase of reusable bags made of recycled water bottles and is moving away from plastic gift cards to chalk-based gift cards.

lcboLCBO is also part of the ReBOOT project to reuse old electronic devices, and is constantly checking that all levels of business are streamlined and responsible, from the supply chain to warehouses and stores, with a goal of using less energy and producing less waste and emissions.

Donating to local charities

When you donate through the LCBO while cashing out at the register, you're giving to a slew of worthy causes ranging from Tree Canada and United Way and its 28 member agencies across Ontario, to Women's College Hospital Foundation and Ontario's Children's Charities.

In 2021/22 alone, the retailer raised nearly $17 million for over a dozen such community partners. 

Helping Ontarians

In the last year, the LCBO provided a record $2.55 billion Dividend to the Government of Ontario to support healthcare, education, infrastructure and more.

lcboPlus, the retailer continues its commitment to the well-being of its customers by encouraging positive drinking choices, educating them on the dangers of drinking and driving, ensuring employees are engaged and making the quality of the products on its shelves the top priority.

Learn more about how the LCBO is working for the good of Ontario through the Spirit of Sustainability in its latest impact report.

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