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Here's how The Bay is helping Canadians find solutions to inflation

Whether you're at the grocery store, out with friends or just checking up on your bank account, there's one big elephant sucking up all of the joy (and money) in the room: inflation.

Higher prices, for everything from food and basic household items to gas and accommodation, have been putting a serious strain on Canadians' wallets for months now, with some necessities hitting prices not seen for more than 40 years.

People have found themselves severely adjusting their spending habits as a result, forgoing some of their usual purchases to try and keep up with the cost of living.

But, companies like The Bay show there are some clever ways to cope with the current economic landscape, making sure you don't have to make any huge sacrifices when it comes to your daily routine.

Here are just a few great ones from the Canadian retailer:

When your coffee run is killing your caffeine buzz

If you just can't justify spending $7+ on your daily caffeine fix anymore, switch to making it at home. A bit of spending at the start will mean huge savings in the long run — plus, you get to try (and love) new blends and techniques that you may not have tasted before.

Grab a coffeemaker or a Nespresso machine, or if you really can't live without a hand-crafted latte, play barista at home with an automatic espresso machine, like this one from Breville.

You can also do a pour-over or French press with some delicious local beans, coffee grinder and kettle, all at The Bay.

When eating out is just dishing out debt

Lately, you may be finding that you've had to cut down on the number of nights out trying the newest restaurant, or having to avoid delivery from your favourite local spot with prices being what they are.

Instead, why not learn some new skills in the kitchen and cook at home? And, The Bay has all of the perfect tools for that.

Try out a new recipe (like one from Stanley Tucci's latest cookbook, available at The Bay) a measuring cup set (like this one from celebrity baker Anna Olson) and a few other tools (oven mitsspatulas and a cutting board might help), and add some new kitchen staples to cook with, whether it be a panini press or a specialty pizza maker.

Your wallet is getting more of a workout than you are

A gym membership may be the first thing to go when you cut out extraneous expenses, but staying fit and healthy is still crucial to your overall health and well-being, especially during winter months when staying active can be tough.

The Bay has everything you need to work out from the convenience of your home: a yoga mat (this one from Everlast is perfect), yoga blocks or a roller wheel, and, of course, some sneakers and reliable athletic wear. The department store also has protein powderwater bottles and massage guns for post-workout, which can also include a cooldown on your own at-home treadmill.

Happy hour makes you sad when the bill arrives

Now that much-needed socialization with friends has become such a pricey affair, it's time to take the party back home for drinks on a budget.

Uncork some wine (you'll need a bottle opener like this one from Ivation) and whip out the good glassware — and when you're feeling more creative, grab some booze from your stunning kitchen cart, open your recipe book and get to shaking (this bar tool set from GlucksteinHome will help).

Vacation costs have you tripping

A trip? In this economy?! Pamper yourself with a staycation at home with a luxurious PJ set (like this gorgeous satin one from 40 Winks), a cushy
new duvet, and maybe some champagne and snacks served in a new set of flutes and serving tray.

Of course, an LED TV to watch Netflix is a must, as are the tools for some nighttime fun.

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