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This all-new line of edibles and vapes from Toronto's Spinach FEELZ brand make the perfect gifts

Whether you've dabbled in cannabis edibles, are an everyday consumer or have never even stepped foot in a dispensary, you'll know that the two main active ingredients that people are looking for in their pot products are THC and CBD.

But, one Toronto company has new types of vapes, gummies and flower to revolutionize the market by highlighting two other, lesser-known cannabinoids, and they make for great giftables now that holiday season is fast approaching.

The Spinach FEELZ lineup of products puts the spotlight on the cannabinoids CBN and CBG, which exist in smaller amounts within cannabis plants.

cannabis torontoWhile these cannabinoids are rarer, they still contribute greatly to the combined effect of a plant's power. Both are non-intoxicating on their own and have unique effects, and also serve to amplify and complement the effects of other cannabinoids, like THC.

Items that focus on these cannabinoids offer an all-new experience that any cannabis fan on your list will be thankful for. Here are the best ones to start with, depending on what your loved one may be interested in:

Chill Bliss Gummy

cannabis toronto

These delicious, tropically-flavoured gummies feature a 2:1 ratio of THC and the rarer CGB, making for a happy and relaxed high. Each gummy in a two-pack has 5 mg of THC and 2.5 mg of CBG, and comes in a tangy sour and sweet pineapple and starfruit flavour.

Chill Bliss Vape

cannabis toronto

Like the gummy above, this product also targets the experiences of CBG, but with a higher proportion of THC to complement it. With 700mg/g of THC and 100 mg/g of CBG (7:1), you can take your chill bliss experience to the max.

Deep Dreamz Gummy

cannabis toronto

These pomegranate and blueberry-flavoured gummies harness the power of CBN, with a 2:1 ratio of THC for a mellow, dreamy high that's perfect for late night. Similar to the other gummies, each in a two-pack has 5 mg of THC and 2.5 mg of the rarer cannabinoid, CBN in this case, ideal as a nightcap.

Deep Dreamz Vape

cannabis toronto

This vape is the ultimate nighttime product, with a decent dose of THC and CBN to help you drift away for the night. The sweet berry-forward flavour notes come with 700mg/g of THC and 100 mg/g of CBN (7:1), making for a mellow and melty evening of unwinding.

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