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Here's how to stay calm and confident in Toronto's bonkers real estate market

While real estate prices in Toronto are still at ridiculous highs (for now), market activity has been dwindling for some months, with fewer people looking at (and buying up) homes despite perpetually low supply.

With the real estate market increasingly bending in the buyer's favour, it can be intimidating, stressful and downright emotional to try and sell a home with the fear that it may not go for asking, or worse, might not sell at all.

That's where Properly's experts come in to keep you cool, calm and in control throughout the entire, usually nerve-wracking process of selling.

One of the most unique and helpful tools this Canadian real estate company offers is its Sale Assurance: the guarantee that they will definitely sell your home, and help you confidently find and purchase the new one you want, even in an uncertain and ever-changing market.

A Properly agent will help find you a home you love. Once you've bought and moved into your new dream home, they'll work with you to clean, stage, show and sell your old one, guaranteed.

Properly promises to purchase your old home at the fair market value price with its Sale Assurance, which acts like a firm sale on your property. They do this by providing a firm Agreement of Purchase and Sale that you can then use to secure a new mortgage on your next home.

This ensures that you can avoid the hassle of having to try and sell your home while you're still living in it — and while you're looking for a new one — and they'll even help cover mortgage and interest payments until you sell!

The real estate company also has a comprehensive directory of property listings in the GTA to help you find a new home and advertise your previous one.

Their unique model of buying and selling is a simple and more seamless way of going about what can be a messy, stressful endeavour on your own.

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