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hyundia canada

Hyundai makes the widest range of electric and hybrid cars in Canada

Hyundai makes electric and hybrid cars geared to drivers that are looking for a more energy efficient and environmentally friendly vehicle. 

Anyone can find their ideal vehicle, with four alternative powertrains to choose from including hybrid, plug-in hybrid, electric and hydrogen fuel cell, you won't have a hard time finding a set of wheels to meet your needs. 

The most accessible options in the lineup are the hybrid models, which combine power from a gas engine and electric motor for lower emissions and less plug-in hassle. The Elantra Hybrid starts from $24,999 and can travel up to 955 kilometres on a single tank of gas. 

hyundia canada

The new Hyundai Elentra Hybrid in white.

IONIQ Hybrid (starting from $25,649) is known for having the best fuel economy in the country with capabilities of lasting 1,125 kilometres without a fillup. 

Sonata Hybrid (starting from $40,199) comes with a solar panel roof that helps to charge the battery and a six-speed automatic transmission with active shift control technology which improves gear-shift efficiency for better fuel economy and driving dynamics.

Plug-in hybrids ($27,899 and up) function similarly to the traditional hybrid models, only with a larger battery to enable more kilometres on electric power alone before having to switch to the gasoline engine for longer drives.

The Tucson and Santa Fe plug-in hybrid powertrains both use a 13.8-kilowatt-hour battery that has enough juice for over 50 kilometres of all-electric driving range, while the IONIQ plug-in hybrid can travel up to 47 kilometres before reverting to gas. 

Even though this electric range can be fully restored with a charge and charging stations are becoming more common along routes, the hybrid capability still means less anxiety on the road.

hyundai canada

The innovative Hyundai NEXO in a cool grey.

The two other Hyundai models feature the solely electric-powered IONIQ 5, and NEXO Hydrogen Fuel Cell, which emits nothing but water and purified air.

IONIQ 5 (starting from $44,999) gives you up to 488 kilometres on a full charge while the NEXO (starting at $71k) can travel up to 570 kilometres between refills at hydrogen fueling stations. 

It'll still be some time before the first hydrogen fueling stations are finally built in Ontario though, to accommodate this type of vehicle. 

Hyundai electric vehicles also have a few systems in place to help reduce the loss of electric range during Canada's long and bitterly cold winters. 

The heat pump system turns atmospheric heat into cabin heat reducing the use of the HVAC system. In addition, something called a battery temperature management system preheats the battery while charging. 

Making the switch from gas to hybrid or electric has never been more in reach for the everyday driver. 

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