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This is where you can find one of Ontario's largest selection of CBD infused beverages

If you're looking to switch up the way you consume cannabis, why not turn to what's familiar and crack open a cold drink. 

Everie has one of the largest selections of CBD infused drinks in Ontario including sparkling beverages, teas and seltzers

CBD, also called cannabidiol is sought after for its less intoxicating effects when compared to THC. For CBD oil or capsule consumers, Everie CBD beverages provide a flavourful and delicious alternative to suit any occasion.

everie cbd drinksWhen it comes to buying any cannabis product, it can be overwhelming navigating this new category and getting a lay of the land for what is out there.

When looking for CBD drinks, the concentration of CBD or THC is important to understand.

For those looking for something with small amounts of THC, Everie has crafted their beverages with years of expertise, premium ingredients and 98 per cent pure CBD isolate.

It's a commitment to quality you can trust.

Everie has a variety of ready to drink options, such as a fresh & fizzy 15mg CBD Strawberry Seltzer or 10mg CBD Dragon Fruit Watermelon Sparkling Beverage that has a refreshing blend of natural tropical fruit flavours and a touch of sweetness.

If a cup of tea is your drink of choice, Everie just unveiled the all new 20mg Spiced Starlight CBD tea. Spiced Starlight is caffeine free and includes notes of cardamom and cinnamon, that's sure to bring you comfort in a cup.

everie teaWhether its herbal teas, bright and bubbly seltzers, or flavourful sparkling beverages Everie has a variety of CBD drinks to fit any occasion. To learn more about the line-up visit everie.ca

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Hector Vasquez 

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