Sponsored Article FAQs

Thanks for taking the time to read our Sponsored Article FAQs. This page is meant as an explainer of what it means that the article you are reading is referred to as "sponsored".

What is a sponsored article?

A sponsored article is a term we use that refers to an article that is connected to a campaign run by one of our advertising partners. The advertising partner has specifically chosen to target their advertising to the article so you won't be seeing any other advertisements next to the article except for theirs.

So the article is paid for by an advertiser?

Not exactly. The advertiser has paid us money to run their ads next to the article, and they were aware that we were going to be publishing the article on a specific date but the article is still being produced from our regular editorial budget and is considered editorial.

So is the article an advertisement or is it editorial?

The article is not an advertisement and is considered editorial. The advertiser was aware that we were writing the article but was not involved in its production and had no influence over the content that appeared in the article.

Would you have written the article if it wasn't sponsored?

Yes, the article is within blogTO's editorial scope in terms of the type of subjects we write about. 

Does the advertiser pay you to mention their brand in the article?

No, this is not allowed. The article is an editorial product and is not influenced by the advertiser that sponsors it. For advertisers who wish to have influence over an article we have a separate article-type we refer to as Branded Editorial. If the advertiser is mentioned in a sponsored article it's purely coincidental and was done so at the discrection of the writer.

If the article is editorial why is it called sponsored?

It can be a bit confusing but is simply the term we use to indicate that the advertising partner has targeted their ads to appear next to the article.

So where will the ads appear?

For most sponsored articles the advertising partner's ads will appear in the usual places where you see banner ads appear on the site. These ads appear on the article page but are not part of the article.