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You Don Ya

You Don Ya is the ultimate destination for Japanese donburi aplenty. 

Specializing almost exclusively in these quintessential rice bowls, the restaurant offers 18 different types of dons that come loaded with toppings. 

you don ya torontoThis bustling restaurant sits on a strip of Dundas that's home to one of the city's largest cluster of Japanese eats. 

you don ya torontoTaking a very traditional approach to this culinary staple, You Don Ya usually gets packed during lunch hour—you can only imagine how much rice they cook up per day. 

you don ya torontoThere's typically no limit as to what ingredients make up a donburi, meaning there's a huge variety of fish, meat, and veggie options to choose from here. 

you don ya torontoThe sizzling Hamachi Nabe ($15.59) is definitely the most epic bowl on the menu. Unlike the other options, rice in this bowl is crispy since it arrives in an heated stone pot called a nabe, which is commonly used to serve nabeyaki udon noodles. 

Pour a house-made soy sauce mixture onto the don and watch the bowl sizzle. You'll be treated to a show of writhing bonito flakes served with cured Japanese yellowtail, an egg yolk, Japanese soy broth, and furikake, the popular Japanese rice seasoning.

you don ya torontoOne very popular order is the Kaisen Don ($21.89), which should satiate any lover of sashimi.

Raw fish includes salmon, hamachi, butter fish, baby amaebi, hakkaido scallops, and delicious ikura. There's soy sauce on the table if you want to mix it all up. 

you don ya torontoThe Karubi Don ($13.89) is very reasonably priced for the portion. It comes with juicy and tender boneless beef short ribs, white onions, and some green onions sprinkled on top. 

you don ya torontoGrilled meat here requires about 15 minutes to make since they undergo a two-step grilling process, but the wait is worth it. 

you don ya torontoTo make up for it, all rice bowls come with a salad and your choice of miso soup or pork broth. 

you don ya torontoThe Chicken Don ($12.89) is a simple but satisfying grilled chicken bowl that comes covered with cheese. 

you don ya torontoConsidering the size of these bowls and the quality of ingredients, You Don Ya is definitely positioned to be a favourite for hungry students of nearby Ryerson, and anyone else looking for a homey Japanese meal. 

you don ya toronto

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You Don Ya

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