Yin Ji Chang Fen

Yin Ji Chang Fen

Yin Ji Chang Fen is the place to go for rice noodle rolls. Also called chang fen or cheong fan, this Cantonese dish is a dim sum staple but is commonly eaten during breakfast or late evenings.

Despite its unassuming look, the restaurant is actually the first international location of a popular chain from China which opened its first store back in 1958 in Guangzhou.

Yin Ji Chang Fen

The menu is relatively diverse but mostly dedicated to multiple varieties of either congee or chang fen, both Cantonese favourites.

Yin Ji Chang FenMy favourite chang fen here is the Marinated Pork and Beef Rice Noodle Roll ($5.25). They make them using a traditional hand-pulled method that results in thin yet chewy noodles. The meat is nice and tender.

Yin Ji Chang FenThe house special is the Marinated Beef and Shrimp Rice Noodle Roll ($5.75). The flavours and texture make this a very satisfying dish.

Yin Ji Chang FenFor something more streamlined, I'd suggest the Marinated Pork ($5.75), Marinated Beef ($5), or Shrimp ($5) Rice Rolls. All come mixed with chives.

Yin Ji Chang FenDon't see your favourite rice noodle roll on the menu? You and actually create your own custom version. Add any kind of meat for $2 or an egg for an extra $1.25.

Yin Ji Chang FenAdding egg actually gives the rolls a yellowy colour not unlike an omelette. I try one with some marinated sliced chicken.

Yin Ji Chang FenThe Pork Liver Rice Noodle Roll ($4.50) paired with egg takes away some of the strong liver flavour that might not appeal to everyone.

Yin Ji Chang Fen

Beyond the rice noodle rolls, the congee is worth a look. The one to get is the Lai Wan Congee ($5.50). It's packed with fresh and colourful ingredients like BBQ pork, squid, fish, peanuts and bright yellow shredded egg.

Yin Ji Chang FenThere's also Hong Kong Curry Fish Balls ($4.75). They're well-marinated with a slightly spicy kick.

Yin Ji Chang Fen

Not to be overlooked, the Sticky Rice Wrap ($4.50) is crammed full of pork and chicken mixed with glutinous rice.

yin ji chang fenAn unexpected surprise here is the excellent Hong Kong Milk Tea which comes hot ($2.25) or cold ($4.25). The latter is served in a bowl packed with ice which helps keep the drink creamy and cold without diluting it.

Yin Ji Chang Fen

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Yin Ji Chang Fen

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Yin Ji Chang Fen

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