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Yang's Chinese Cuisine

Yang's Chinese Cuisine is a banquet hall serving baskets of dim sum and multi-course Chinese feasts. 

It sits in a quieter part of the food-dense intersection of Hwy 7 and Leslie. 

yangs chinese cuisine torontoSharing the same lot as the events space Le Parc, Yang's has been a prime spot for large family gatherings for over a decade, with a spacious parking lot, room for 20 round tables inside, and three rooms you can book for private occasions. 

yangs chinese cuisine torontoThe restaurant is a prime example of most Chinese halls: chandeliers, frilly chair dressings, and a live wall of fish-filled tanks. 

Dim sum lasts until around 3 p.m. daily, after which the menu switches over to dinner offerings like giant lobster towers, Peking duck, or Vancouver crab fried rice. 

yangs chinese cuisine torontoYang's outdoor patio is tranquil and breezy, covered by tents and even equipped with misting sprays around the periphery. It's an uncharacteristically tranquil way to eat dim sum.

yangs chinese cuisine torontoSmall dishes are $3.80, medium dishes are $4.80, and larges are $5.80. It's not the cheapest dim sum spot in the city, but there are some specialties that make Yang's worth the visit. 

yangs chinese cuisine torontoObligatory steamed siu mai and har gow are both juicy, big, and $5.80 each. 

There fanciest dim sum here is probably an order dish of steamed rice rolls topped with Périgord black truffle ($7.80).

yangs chinese cuisine torontoThe truffle is not particularly noticeable, but the Iberico pork is a nice touch, and it's a pretty big portion. 

yangs chinese cuisine torontoA steamed bun filled with egg yolk custard ($5.80), or lao sa bao, is a popular treat for its salty-sweetness.  

yangs chinese cuisine torontoMy favourite is definitely an off-menu purple rice roll. It's essentially zhaliang, which has rice noodle wrapped around fried dough, except with crab, fried yam, and salted egg inside. 

On the main course menu, there's the ridiculously extravagant 15-pound double boiled winter melon with assorted seafood and soup inside, which comes on a gilded platter.

yangs chinese cuisine torontoThe melon is steamed for at least four hours, with scallop, shrimp, crab, chicken and turkey inside. 

It's big enough to feed eight for $88, or you can get it as part of a larger combo of five dishes ($338). 

yangs chinese cuisine torontoIf you're eating banquet style, dessert should be provided at the end of your meal. But when finishing off an afternoon of dim sum, I recommend the cooling dessert of mango pomelo sago, $4.80 a bowl.

yangs chinese cuisine toronto

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