ten miles bbq

Ten Miles BBQ

Ten Miles BBQ is a Chinese restaurant specializing in spicy Sichuan dishes and food served on skewers.

If the space feels familiar, that's because it took over from long-time Toronto favourite Sichuan Garden. The restaurant retains all of the former joint's staff and menu, and even its exterior panda mural.

Ten Miles BBQGong Bao Chicken ($10.95) is served here in an authentic Sichuan style: batterless and almost sauceless, but perfectly tender with a spicy kick and lightly sour aftertaste.

Ten Miles BBQVery few places serve this dish (often spelled as Kung Pao Chicken) in such an old-school fashion, so I was reasonably impressed.

Ten Miles BBQI would consider the Sauteed Sliced Pork with Pepper and Chili ($11.95) a must-order here. Only lightly spicy with a streak of fatty butteriness, it's like an Asian version of spicy bacon.

ten miles bbqThe iconic Sichuan dish Sliced Fish Fillet in Hot Spicy Oil ($16.95) comes in all its red-hued glory. The fish slices are fried before being boiled in the oil, lending a nice crisp crunch on its outer layer when eaten.

Ten Miles BBQMapo Tofu ($10.95) is another Sichuan favourite here. The spicy tofu dish is surprisingly not overpowering, though there is a bit of a kick at the end.

Ten Miles BBQI also recommend the Sliced Beef Spicy Incense Pot ($18.95) which is akin to a dry hot pot. The beef is very tender and the dish is very satisfying.

Ten Miles BBQ

Grilled Scallops ($12.95) mixed with vermicelli are definitely what to get if you're a garlic lover.

Ten Miles BBQLooking to splurge? Go for the Grilled Oysters ($15.95) which are a bit spicy from all the chilies. 
Ten Miles BBQFinally, Ten Miles BBQ has a number of different versions of chuan'r, or Chinese skewers. A particular highlight are the sweet sausages ($5.95 for two pieces) but you can also get lamb, chicken, and almost any other kinds imaginable.

Ten Miles BBQMy personal favourite skewer, however, is the ridiculous bread bbq ($3.95). Take a humble piece of Texas-style toast, and lather it with butter and condensed milk and sprinkle it with some sugar.

Ten Miles BBQAnd if you're not full yet, get the Egg Fried Rice ($8.95). It's a simple dish done right.

Ten Miles BBQ

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Ten Miles BBQ

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