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Sweet Jesus Queen East

Sweet Jesus is spreading its gospel across Toronto. The epic ice cream purveyor opened its second location. And for those east of the DVP, your soft-serve prayers have been answered because this one's in Riverside.

Like the original outpost, this Sweet Jesus is attached to La Carnita . And while the John Street outlet is tiny, this one is even smaller; it's just a walk-up window on Queen East.

Sweet Jesus Toronto

But despite its diminutive size, it still serves up cones piled high with soft-serve ice cream and a slew of whimsical toppings ($6.50), including cotton candy, cookie dough and marshmallow-covered ruffles. There's no coffee here though.

Sweet Jesus Eastside

I have to confess, I wasn't too impressed with the first Sweet Jesus. While the toppings on my rocky road cone were delicious, the ice cream underneath was rather lacklustre; basically, it wasn't worth the lineup.

Sweet Jesus

To my surprise, I actually enjoy the east-side location. The soft serve seems creamier and more flavourful here; I continue eating it even after I devour all of the toppings on my Fluffer Nutter cone - it's a Riverside-only creation with marshmallow-coated ruffles, peanuts, white and milk chocolate crumble and peanut butter sauce surrounding a twist of chocolate-vanilla ice cream.

Sweet Jesus Eastside

Next up, I try the ever-popular Cookies Cookies Cookies & Cream. For this one, staff stuff a mountain of vanilla soft serve with chunks of cookie dough and drizzle it with cookie butter before rolling it in a pile of Oreos, Fudgeos and chocolate chip cookies.

Sweet Jesus Eastside

When a small child in front of me orders one, he lets out a loud gasp as it arrives at the window. That's because these treats look like every kid's dream come true.

Sweet Jesus Eastside

Just take the Krusty the Cone, for instance, which combines ice cream, cotton candy and sprinkles; while those under the age of 10 (and I) love it, it's essentially a parent's personal hell-scape.

Sweet Jesus Eastside

The Krusty might be cloyingly sweet, but the seven year old inside of me can't help but to pick at the candy floss - I dip it in the soft serve and shove it into my mouth before it melts .

Sweet Jesus Eastside

Chef Jon Hamilton tells me Sweet Jesus's creations are supposed to be nostalgic and whether you love 'em or hate 'em, catching the place without a lineup is nothing short of miraculous.

Sweet Jesus Eastside

Photos by Jesse Milns .

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