Sushitto Toronto


Sushitto started out as a food truck, and eventually expanded to this brick and mortar operation in Little Italy. This corner has played host to many businesses, most recently a straight-up sushi joint before this. The restaurant was originally called Rollipub before it was decided the name should be the same as the food truck.

For some reason the College and Clinton area that sees the success of other spots like Cafe Diplomatico, Monarch Tavern and Bitondo has trouble keeping businesses open at this particular corner for long.

Sushitto Rollipub Toronto

This space is long and narrow, and my eye is pulled in a million different directions when I walk in. From the mural on the wall to the piano to the Kinfolk magazines to the projector at the back, I’m not exactly sure if there’s a theme for decor. Maybe it’s just the product of only having a truck to decorate previously.

Sushitto Rollipub Toronto

They’re licensed here, which definitely adds a dimension impossible to achieve with a truck. Pair your sushi burrito with a local Ace Hill ($7) or go for a more traditional Asahi ($7).

Sushitto Rollipub Toronto

Okonomiyaki ($11) is a savoury japanese pancake that’s typically grilled and stuffed with an assortment of ingredients, but it usually doesn’t have cheese like this one does. It’s mozzarella with shrimp, cabbage, and bean sprouts, topped with mayo and shaved bonito. The combination is crunchy and melty.

Sushitto Rollipub Toronto

We grab a classic salmon sushitto ($16). It’s a little pricey but the portion is huge, definitely big enough to share, stuffed with salmon, crab, cucumber, lettuce, corn, avocado, mandarin, edamame, and avocado cream.

Sushitto Rollipub Toronto

Sashimi nachos ($13) are a potential miss. It actually seems like each dish could be good separately, but raw fish and canned olives just don’t necessarily play well together. Fusion lovers, gather to commiserate.

Sushitto Rollipub Toronto

Sushi tacos ($13) however, are less outside the comfort zone of this place’s concept, basically the salmon sushitto but slightly smaller and laid flat on a circular sheet of seaweed, filled with crab, seaweed salad, cabbage, greens, and with black and white sesame seeds and caviar on top.

Sushitto Rollipub Toronto

We’re urged to try a bi bim bap ($14) where the spin is that it’s served cold. The shrimp is juicy and spiced nicely, and the platter yields a nice array of colours and flavours overall. Sushitto may do hot bi bim bap sometimes as well.

Sushitto Rollipub Toronto

There’s a kind of odd upper area near the front blocked off with a sort of inconvenient pipe structure, but nonetheless, you don’t need to sit near the window. There’s plenty of ample bench seating for you to choose from.Sushitto Rollipub Toronto

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Jesse Milns

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