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Rin Sushi

Rin Sushi is a Japanese restaurant that specializes in Edomae-style omakase dining. 

Inside, it's a calm and sophisticated zen-like Japanese vibe. There are twenty seats here, with only two set dining times, at 5:30 p.m. and 7:30 p.m.

Rin Sushi torontoThe omakase here comes at various price points, starting from the base, all-sushi version ($90) to the mix-and-match version ($170) and finally to the true omakase ("up to you") experience, which will vary in price, depending on how much you order.

Rin Sushi torontoThe unique twist here is that Rin Sushi varies its ingredients a bit to serve interpretations of classic sushi you might not experience anywhere else.

Rin Sushi torontoTrue to Edomae-style preparation, the rice is soaked in red vinegar before serving, which gives it a slightly more lively flavour than usual sushi rice.

Rin Sushi torontoA typical started might include premium wild caviar resting on a fluffy bed of chawanmushi with green onion.

Rin Sushi torontoOr, maybe A5 wagyu Miyazaki beef, lightly seared with a pinch of coarse sea salt and wasabi for absolute buttery smoothness.

Rin Sushi torontoSashimi selections might include tsuke miso tuna garnished with edible shiso flower.

Rin Sushi torontoSeared otoro tuna mixed with chopped otoro and a dab of wasabi is not your typical piece of nigiri you'd be served from your neighbourhood sushi joint.

Rin Sushi torontoNor is the Hokkaido scallop with nigiri soy sauce that comes with a dab of caviar.

Rin Sushi torontoThere's also a lightly torched black cod, served with Japanese onion on top. 

Rin Sushi torontoFatty foie gras marinated with miso and adorned with oba flower is another example of the restaurant's range.

Rin Sushi torontoSlighly more standard is the negi toro hand roll with scallion.

Rin Sushi torontoFor dessert, expect something like the deliciously sweet crown melon imported from Japan, or a homemade sorbet made from the melon. 

Rin Sushi torontoIt's only fitting that such a place would have an equally impressive sake collection, and Rin doesn't disappoint. The Kokuryu Sake selection (starting at $120) includes many varieties that are quite rare, even in Japan.

Rin Sushi toronto

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Rin Sushi

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