Rain Izakaya Toronto

Rain Izakaya

Rain Izakaya is a haven for sushi lovers with sushi, maki and sashimi boxes and boats offered alongside other options of skewers and teriyaki dishes. 

Rain Izakaya TorontoWith a large wraparound bar acting as the centerpiece of the dining room, the space is reminiscent of any other izakaya or Japanese pub where the food is meant to be shared tapas-style.

Rain Izakaya TorontoThe large menu offers endless options of sushi. Besides the maki, there are about 16 different types of raw fish for sushi and sashimi including four different tunas (bluefin, albacore, white, and skipjack), salmon, yellowtail, mackerel, surf clam, and unagi (freshwater eel). 

Rain Izakaya TorontoThe double-decker sushi boats, which are even available for takeout with a deposit required for the actual boat, contain over 10 rows of sushi and maki, with the top deck for sashimi, or you can choose your own combination of sushi onboard. 

Rain Izakaya TorontoWith fresh flowers, heart-shaped wasabi, and plenty of bright colours provided by the various sushi rolls, the presentation is breathtaking. But considering the price tag (ranging from $300 and up depending on the sushi chosen), it's best saved for a special occasion. 

Rain Izakaya TorontoBesides the bountiful boats, you can order sushi and sashimi a la carte (sushi: ranging from $4 - $7 for two pieces, sashimi: ranging from $5 - $8 for three pieces) or in a number of different sets, platters, and bento box options. 

Rain Izakaya TorontoThe Deluxe Sushi Box ($60) comes with scallop, ika (squid), ikura (red caviar), white tuna, and red tuna sushi, as well as egg, tobiko, and tako (octopus) sashimi. 

Rain Izakaya TorontoThe Sashimi Chirashi Box ($60) includes tuna, tobiko, scallop, ikura on rice, and three pieces each of salmon, red tuna, amaebi, and scallop. Both boxes come together for the Omakase Set ($110). 

Rain Izakaya TorontoThe Premium Bento Box ($45) provides some crispy tempura options. It comes with mini unagi don (eel fillet made with the sweet soy sauce-based unagi) mix tempura, tonkatsu (breaded pork cutlet), three pieces of takoyaki (octopus balls) and sea scallops, and two pieces of agedashi tofu. 

Rain Izakaya TorontoSushi isn't the only thing on the menu. Yaki Udon ($14) offers an alternative to the raw fish. 

Rain Izakaya TorontoThe dish consists of stir-fried thick udon noodles with vegetables in a teriyaki and yakisoba sauce blend for a sweet and tangy flavour and is served with your choice of chicken or beef. 

Rain Izakaya TorontoThere are also six different types of skewers including pork neck, pork belly, beef, chicken, chicken wing, and shrimp. Each order is served with three sticks of meat, with the exception of shrimp which comes with just two. 

Rain Izakaya TorontoWhen it comes to dessert, they have a few different cakes and cheesecakes that are just as pleasing to the eye as they are tasty. The Mango Cheesecake ($7), cutely shaped like the fruit, offers a fresh sweet taste of mango and is thankfully not overly sweet.

Rain Izakaya has more than enough options to make any sushi fan swoon, from grandiose boats and platters for special occasions to à la carte picks for a laid-back night in featuring your favourite sushi rolls.

Rain Izakaya Toronto

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Rain Izakaya

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Rain Izakaya

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