Ooshee Oven Toronto

Ooshee Mediterranean Oven

Ooshee Mediterranean Oven takes its name from a quintessential Lebanese flatbread street food, the man’oushe.

Flatbreads are prepared fresh from scratch every day here in a Neapolitan oven, the ratios of ingredients accounting for a thinner dough that closely imitates the style in Lebanon.

ooshee oven torontoThere’s not much room, a lot of the space taken up by an awkward but pretty two-person wooden table. 

Ooshee Oven TorontoHowever there’s also bar seating around the perimeter of the space and a small patio, and they pack a lot in by incorporating retail into the space and allowing diners to see the full baking and assembly process.

Ooshee Oven Toronto

A veggie ooshee goes for $4.49, the very thin and floppy flatbread tamped down by lots of diced peppers, onion, tomato, olive and mushroom. 

Ooshee Oven Toronto

A blend of five salty cheeses including akawi and halloumi can be added to any ooshee for an extra dollar for a little additional flavour.

Zaatar ooshee are even cheaper at $3.89, the more bubbly bread allowed to shine more under a blend of thyme, sumac, olive oil and sesame.

Ooshee Oven TorontoLike all ooshee, it can optionally be topped and served a number of ways. Add toppings like cooling labneh, tomato, cucumber and mint, and get ooshee folded in half, wrapped, or served open-faced.

Ooshee Oven Toronto

Meat ooshee are the same price, topped with a bold blend of beef, onion, tomato and spices and baked. This results in a warm, gooey meat filling and a crispy exterior.

Ooshee Oven Toronto

Purists might want to opt for thin plain cheese ooshee ($4.29) topped with nothing more than Levantine cheese and sesame seeds.

You’ll get asked if you want a little Lebanese spice and lemon on any ooshee, obligatory finishing touches like any sandwich deserves, no matter what kind.

Ooshee Oven TorontoSteak and chicken get roasted for “shawarma” wraps that get toasted in the Neapolitan oven before serving.

Ooshee Oven Toronto

They’re plenty juicy and saucy, packed with pickles, but there’s also additional house hummus for dipping.

Ooshee Oven Toronto

Triangular pies stuffed with tangy spinach, onion, sumac and other spices are available with or without cheese, the outer crust very bready, puffy and soft.

Ooshee Oven TorontoThey also do wraps and bowls, which stick less to tradition. Get a base of rice, salad, or half and half, and top with beef, chicken, or again half and half. 

Top with house tahini, garlic sauce, hummus, mint cilantro chutney and/or an array of toppings and salads like beet salad, cumin chickpea, tomato cucumber and Lebanese slaw, chosen assembly-line style.

Ooshee Oven TorontoThey also do sweet ooshee ($4.49) like Nutella with banana or cheese, stock baklava, and get knafeh from an outside supplier on weekends.

Ooshee Oven Toronto

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