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Omni Palace

Omni Palace is the place to get traditional Chinese hand-pulled noodles, a classic staple dish from the Lanzhou region in China.

These noodles are known for their satisfyingly chewy texture due to the way they are stretched and pulled. 

Omni Palace torontoUsing a secret recipe handed down through generations and servicing over 450 locations in China, the master chefs at Omni definitely know a thing or two about the perfect noodles.

omni palace torontoIn fact, every noodle dish here is pulled and made fresh to order, and you can even watch as the specially-trained chefs stretch and work your noodle from lumps of dough into beautiful, delicate strings of chewy goodness. Dinner and a show? Count me in.

Omni Palace toronto

The restaurant is spacious and well-lit with a large photo of the noodle making process affixed to one of the walls.

omni palace torontoThe star of the show is undoubtedly the massive kitchen area, where diners can have a look at how their noodles are magically transformed from shapeless dough into the restaurant's nine different noodle types. 

Omni Palace torontoEach type of noodle can be selected when choosing from any of Omni Palace's dishes.

Omni Palace torontoThe finest noodle type is the Angel Hair, which is so thin that its raw form can actually be threaded through a needle's eye.

I got mine inside the Braised Beef Shank Noodles ($11.99) which is delightfully light yet filling. The cube-shaped braised beef pieces are tender and provide a nice meaty textural contrast to the silky smooth noodles.

Omni Palace torontoAt the other end of the spectrum is the wide-flat noodles, as seen here in the Traditional Lanzhou Beef Noodles ($9.99).

Omni Palace toronto The flat noodles almost bring to mind strips of lasagna, and mixed with the tender and well-seasoned beef slices, result in a chewy and satisfying dish.

Omni Palace toronto

But, my personal favourite is the prism-shaped triangular noodle, which have an almost 3-D textural composition that I have not had elsewhere before.

Mixed in as part of the Chicken Noodles and Pickled Chinese Cabbage ($10.99), the chewy, slightly sour noodle soup is just right.

Omni Palace toronto

If soup's not your thing, give the Lanzhou Stir Fry Noodles ($12.99) a try. The flavours are more sharper here, and the dish goes beautifully with some drops of chili oil.

Omni Palace toronto

They also have a ton of side dishes, like the House Special Marinated Beef Shank ($8.99) that is very well-seasoned and tender. It pairs very well if you still need more beef to add to your noodle dishes.

Omni Palace toronto

The Marinated Shredded Kelp, Carrot, and Cucumber ($3.99) provides a nice acidic contrast to the carb-heavy noodle dishes and is refreshingly light.

Omni Palace toronto

I personally love the House Special Roasted Lamb Ribs. At $29.99, it's quite pricey, but the perfect blend of fattiness and crisp skin make this absolutely worth it. I could have probably eaten this all night (and I definitely ate more than I should).

Omni Palace toronto

To balance out the richness, get some Spicy Chicken with Onion and Green Peppers ($6.99). While the pale colours of the dish may not seem appetizing, there is a subtle heat within the lean chicken meat that makes it quite addictive.

Omni Palace toronto

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