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Myato Gastropub

Myato Gastropub is a Korean restaurant combining traditional ingredients with a modern menu. 

Headed by Chef Minah Kim and her sons, the restaurant is a dimly-lit, contemporary-looking spot, most ideal for dinner dates and casual group outings. 

myato gastropub torontoThe main feature here is the Korean-style wood panelling guarding the bar. It's a traditional vibe that offsets the look of brick walls and industrial lights.

myato gastropub torontoMyato's menu isn't distinctly Korean-meets-Western food: it's Korean-meets-everything, including tapas, sushi, cocktails, and desserts.

myato gastropub torontoBulgogi sliders ($12) are obviously a take on an American classic, using bulgogi meet atop brioche buns. 

myato gastropub torontoInside you'll find onions and a spread of kimchi mayo made in-house. There's also kimchi cucumber, which, like many of their pickled ingredients, are done at Myato. 

myato gastropub torontoThe black sesame chicken ($13) is fried chicken thighs coated in a mixture of soy honey and black sesame powder, which gives the dish a thick, satisfying texture. 

myato gastropub torontoCrispy bossam ($15) takes the popular Korean boiled pork dish, which is typically wrapped in lettuce, and presents it with spicy ssamjang sauce and a bed of housemade kimchi paste instead. 

myato gastropub torontoGrab a chopstick-full of all the ingredients in one go for all the flavours.

myato gastropub torontoThe fire dragon roll ($17) literally arrives on fire.

myato gastropub toronto Presentation aside, this dish of fried shrimp, torched spicy salmon, crunchy flakes, avocado and their signature pickled jalapeños make a tasty roll. 

myato gastropub torontoThe samgyupsal crème platter ($22) is definitely a combination of a few different cultures. Grilled pork belly arrives on a sizzling hot plate with crispy waffle fries, jalapeno, chayote, and a cream sauce for a satisfying comfort dish.

myato gastropub torontoFrom Myato's extensive list of cocktails and Korean liquors, I highly reccommend the Gin'Kis ($13), which combines the popular Korean drink Milkis with gin for a super unique, milky flavour. 

myato gastropub torontoThe meshil fashioned ($15) fuses the Korean plum extract with all the ingredients of your good 'ol fashioned. 

myato gastropub torontoThe spring ruby ($14) is a refreshing drink with vodka, pama, giffard, and soda water. 

myato gastropub torontoOr for something sweet, you can't go wrong with a lychee sour ($12).

myato gastropub torontoWith a menu that ventures on the adventurous side but not drastically so, Myato is a comfortable spot with good cocktails for a chill night out.

myato gastropub toronto

Photos by

Hector Vasquez

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