Mimosa Cafe & Grille

I am not sure how seriously I should take Mimosa Cafe & Grille .

On one hand, you have a cheap, tarp-like restaurant sign outside that looks like the grill is only there temporarily. On the other hand, the interior is dressed with white linen tables, dark wooden chairs and lots of candlelight.

I popped in for a snack. I was just a bit hungry and don't like to settle for a bag of chips or a street dog. Mimosa offers a variety of tapas - that is exactly the size I was looking for to fill my belly.

The menu doesn't really sway to one 'type' of cuisine. It is really a mish mash of familiar dishes with fancy names and enticing ingredients. I ordered the Phyllo Champignons ($6.50), Ribs Saigon ($7.95) and the Moroccan Lamb ($8.95).

The tapas came on one platter. I suspect since they were easily distinguishable, the waitress didn't need to point out what was what. However, I think it would have still been nice.

The braised lamb shoulder was served with raisins and pumpkin seeds. It was a tad bit dry for me, but the flavour was nice and mild. Too much goat cheese destroyed the mushrooms and sundried tomato vinaigrette flavours in the phyllo. They were also quite oily and needed to be dabbed with a napkin a few times.

The braised pork in ginger and soy were very well done. The meat melted off of the bone with ease. Unfortunately, the matchstick potatoes that accompanied it were very stale and inedible.

The service was marginal. It took awhile to get more water, even though the restaurant was pretty much empty. The waitress seemed to loom around us as we were paying the bill. It was quite uncomfortable.

I would return to Mimosa again and give it one more try. If my experience is the same, I would definitely ex-nay it off of my list of repeat locals.

Mimosa Cafe & Grille

2497 Yonge Street


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