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Mazz Sushi

Mazz Sushi is a little Japanese & Korean resto in Bloorcourt with a big menu, terrific service, and impressively fresh fish at reasonable prices. Unlike the Sushi-crowded Annex, Mazz doesn't have much of any competition further west at Bloor & Dovercourt, yet offers amazing quality out of sheer pride in their work.

Maybe that's all I really need to say about Mazz, but then where would I put all the delicious sushi photos?

Edamame Beans

Sitting in one of a pair of more traditional Japanese booths (screens and all) one side of the resto, a friend and I start off the meal with an order of Edamame Beans and Kani (crab) Tempura.

The hot Edamame beans ($4) arrive quickly along with some small complimentary appetizers: marinated cold tofu cubes and an Okayu cup for each of us.

Kani Tempura

Kani Tempura ($6) arrives soon after. It's crispy, yet not too batter heavy -- a great seafood portion for $6.

My fellow late night diner orders Bento #1 ($12) which features Salmon teriyaki, California rolls, watercress, beansprouts, glass noodles and rice. He asks for cucumber-less California rolls and Mazz works it out for him without hesitation. The rolls are big and jam-packed - even with missing greenery.

Salmon Bento Box #1

The Teriyaki salmon steak is really the highlight of this box though. Once again, the portion is quite generous yet the quality of the food remains high. It's perfectly cooked and a pleasure to eat (I was plenty happy to "help" him polish it off).

Sure, there are great bento offers elsewhere for a few bucks less, but by the time you "upgrade" to California rolls, you're usually about even, so why not start with a fine box from the get-go.

On my side of the table, an order of the Rainbow Roll ($9) is a little best-of sushi dish and perfect for my indecisive mood.

Pictured at the very top, the rainbow at Mazz includes a long row of California rolls topped with four kinds of fish and avocado. I'm pretty picky about fish as I can't stand overly fishy smells and tastes, but truly fresh raw fish is neither and this roll is a dream. Even the seaweed is tender and effortless to chew through. Each piece, with its own subtle flavour, melts in your mouth.

Mazz Sush on Bloor St West at Dovercourt

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Mazz Sushi

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