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Mac N' Wings

Mac N' Wings is exactly what its name implies: a casual takeout establishment that specializes in macaroni and chicken wings.

The franchise was founded in 2021 and has been steadily expanding across Ontario. The chain currently consists of four restaurants in Scarborough, Guelph, Vaughan and Belleville.

The Scarborough location, on Kennedy Road, is small but stylish. Aside from its sleek black countertops, its most notable features are a map of the world and an illuminated sign that reads "Oh Mac Goodness!". mac and wingsThese decorations highlight the restaurant's main draws: their internationally inspired wing flavours and deliciously cheesy pasta dishes.

Though built on a relatively straightforward concept, Mac N' Wings' menu is rather extensive.

mac and wingsThe restaurant currently offers more than twenty types of macaroni and, to the delight of chicken lovers everywhere, over a hundred kinds of wings.

Sandwiches, quesadillas, fries and wraps are also available, each with their own unique flourishes.

mac and wingsOne of the restaurant's best-selling appetizers is the Spicy Eelam Fries ($10.45).

Doused with homemade knockout sauce, ranch dressing and a South Asian-inspired spice mix, then sprinkled with scallions, chillies and roasted garlic, it's no wonder that this dish packs a punch.

I found the knockout sauce a little overwhelming at first, but quickly warmed to the pungent mix of peppers and onions. If you're a fan of spicy food, this is the dish for you.

Unfortunately, a small box of fries won't cut it for dinner. Macaroni, on the other hand, comes in a large tinfoil container, making it ideal for eating solo or sharing with friends.

mac and wingsLike many children in Toronto, I grew up eating Kraft Dinner three meals a day. If you had asked me what my favourite food was, I would have said macaroni without missing a beat.

But as an adult, it takes more than a bowl of gooey pasta to satisfy my cravings. That's where the toppings come in.

All macaroni dishes are made using the same base: soft, springy cavatappi noodles, crumbly panko crust, and Mac N' Wings' signature cheese sauce. Meats, vegetables and seasonings are then added to give each dish its own unique taste.mac n wings torontoThe Jerk Chicken Mac ($17.95) adds Caribbean-style marinated chicken, with sauteed onions, green chillies and peppers providing a little extra spice. The marinade is super saucy and goes great with the macaroni.

mac and wingsThe Fried Chicken Mac ($17.95) makes liberal use of chipotle aioli and barbecue sauce, as well as pieces of crispy fried chicken.

The resulting mixture is equal parts salty and smoky, with just enough heat to keep things interesting.

Wings can be purchased by the pound, to a maximum of ten pounds. Prices vary based on size and flavour, but some variations stand out. mac and wingsHoney Gar Par is a messy but mild option that combines three crowd-pleasing wing flavours.

Sweet and savoury, with hints of parmesan, this classic combo makes an excellent addition to a Monday Night football game or stay-at-home date. mac and wingsTokyo Drift is a two on the Mac N' Wings spice scale (which goes up to five) and takes cues from Japanese cuisine.

These wings are tossed in teriyaki sauce and drizzled with kewpie mayo. Toasted sesame seeds and strips of dried seaweed complete this colourful meal.

Though not as hot as I might have liked, their umami taste was refreshingly different from the kinds of wings I normally order.

mac and wingsOverall, Mac N' Wings caters to kids both big and small. With so many options to choose from, there's always room for experimentation.

Of course, if you'd prefer to play it safe, the restaurant can still be counted on to provide warm, well-made comfort food.

mac and wingsMac N' Wings is located at 448 Kennedy Rd.

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Mac N' Wings

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