les epicuriens

Les Epicuriens

Les Epicuriens is a tiny ice cream counter serving dipped cones and gelato from Montreal. 

Equipped with one seat and a bar, this narrow shop is essentially a quick pitstop for chilled treats. 

les epicuriens torontoLes Epicuriens translates to The Epicureans, which refers to people devoted to the enjoyment of fine foods and drinks. 

Save for the fact the person behind the bar will likely be wearing a dress pants and a tiny bow-tie, the place is pretty no frills. 

les epicuriens torontoThere are two types of soft serve ice creams available: vanilla and a dairy-free chocolate. Both flavours are imported from a distributer in Montreal. 

les epicuriens torontoYou can either get your cone plain ($4.95 for a small, $5.65 for a medium) or dipped, which costs about an extra 50 cents. A waffle cone is $6.15. 

les epicuriens torontoThere are 10 different sauces you can get your ice cream dipped in, with flavours like salted caramel, red velvet, 70% chocolate and bubble gum. 

les epicuriens torontoThe lavendar chocolate dip is vegan and dairy-free. 

les epicuriens torontoGet your cone dipped in as many different flavours as you want, though three is probably the maxiumum you should try at a time, for flavours' sake.

les epicuriens torontoThere are six different toppings you can sprinkle your cone with: almonds, Smarties, coconut, crackers. sprinkles, and pistachio bits. 

les epicuriens torontoThere's also a few different gelato flavours like Cookies and Cream, which you can get in a cone for $6.15. 

les epicuriens torontoAdding some sauce to your gelato is an option, but only if you get it in a cup ($5.50). The pistachio is tasty, but the Nutella flavour is a personal favourite. 

les epicuriens toronto

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Fareen Karim

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