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Kobe Teppanyaki & BBQ

Kobe Teppanyaki & BBQ combines premium Japanese BBQ and teppanyaki under one roof. It's a formula so simple yet effective it's a wonder why nobody's really done it before.

Kobe MarkhamThe space is spacious, open, and inviting. It's a place that I can see working for business lunches as well as outings with families and friends.

Kobe MarkhamThe pride and joy of at Kobe is that they are one of an extremely few restaurants in the GTA to actually possess the Certificate of Authenticity from the Kobe Beef Marketing and Distribution Promotion Association. The large gold-coloured trophy is prominently displayed the moment you walk in.

Kobe MarkhamThe restaurant is divided into two sections, each dedicated to either BBQ and teppanyaki. From he BBQ offerings, the Kobe Beef Lover's Set ($39/person, minimum two-person order), is an absolute smorgasbord of beef cuts ranging from Yakishabu Centre Loin to US Wagyu Kalbi Short Rib.

Kobe MarkhamThe grilling is, naturally, all done at your table. Sides that come with the meal include Buttered Corn and Assorted Mushroom Miso Butter Yaki.

Kobe MarkhamHouse-made dipping sauces are also provided, although purists may wish to stick to just salt and pepper. 

Kobe MarkhamIn addition to the spread, a worthy add-on is the Sea Urchin Wagyu Beef Short Rib Roll ($26, available in limited quantities). This decadent dish consists of wagyu beef that you quickly grill before mixing with wasabi and uni. The creamy buttery goodness is unreal.

Kobe MarkhamAlso worth a look is the Black King Kong Roll ($18 per portion) which contains foie gras and unagi.

Kobe MarkhamThe star of the show is, of course, the Kobe Wagyu Beef itself, which is priced seasonally and separately from the combo. During my visit, a BBQ sliced cut for 3 ounces was priced at $88. 

Kobe MarkhamAfter all this, I went to the other side of the restaurant and checked out the teppanyaki area. The A5 Wagyu Set for 2 ($218) is a set menu that showcases the excellence and versatility of the restaurant.

Kobe MarkhamLive Lobster is just one of the items in the set menu and both its presentation and the final product doesn't disappoint. Extremely well-seasoned and fresh (the restaurant keeps the live lobsters in the back), it's one of the best lobsters I have ever had.

Kobe MarkhamThe part of the presentation where the chef sets it on fire is always a crowd-pleaser.

Kobe MarkhamAlso part of the set meal is the Miso Sea Bass. The sweet miso and the buttery fish go so well together.

Kobe MarkhamAnd, of course, there's the A5 Wagyu Beef itself. It's diced and seasoned with salt and pepper, served with grilled garlic on the side.

Kobe Markham

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Kobe Teppanyaki & BBQ

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