Khmer Thai

Khmer Thai, at Oakwood & St. Clair, has been around for a while. Before today, I've never stepped foot in it. Bad reviews? No. Bad food? No. Just because back in my high school days (spent around the area) it used to be a Crappy-- err, Coffee Time that reeked of old smoke, stale donuts and other things foul.

Despite the remaining dusty-pink exterior tiles, the place has really changed. Nothing fancy, but a much friendlier vibe... and the plants in the windows are thriving -- so that is a good sign, if anything.

Settling in at a table, my friends and I are greeted by friendly staff and shiney laminate menus. So far so good.


After a lengthy study of the various Thai & Cambodian offerings on the menu, we decided to order up three shareable entrees (all $6-7) and a four chicken spring rolll appetizer (~$4).


The spring rolls arrive shortly and though they seem dark, are actually quite tasty. They appear to be made in house and to my surprise, unlike the usual sprout packed rolls, these are quite meaty!

The parade of entrees happens soon after: Hard Tofu with Vegetables, Beef with Mushroom and Vegetables (in Black Bean sauce) and Chow Mein with Tofu. Soon after to be referrred to as spicy, salty and the sweet.

The hard tofu wins the taste challenge, hands down. It's colourful, spicy and soooo good.

The beef, while good and generously covered in mushrooms, is pretty salty -- likely the fault of the bountiful black bean sauce.


The chow mein is a bit similar to the hard tofu entree but less spicy and more of sweet dish. The twist here was the bok choy infused with mustard -- which is pretty startling when you're expecting a sweet mouthful.

As the plates slowly cleared we looked around us and (jealously) noticed a lot of other interesting dishes we wanted to try as well... but alas, there was no room for any further indulgences.

Khmer will definitely be seeing a return visit.



Khmer Thai - 1018 St Clair Ave W (between Oakwood & Dufferin)

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Khmer Thai

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