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Ilda's Churrasqueira

Ilda’s Churrasqueira does traditional takeout like pork rinds, roasted pork loin, tripe with white bean, pork cutlets, and fried cod.

There really is an Ilda, who runs the operation and serves up the homestyle Portuguese fare here.

Ildas Toronto

The confines are as humble as the food. With tables on one side and the hot counter and grill on the other, fortunately there’s lots of seating where you can spread out. A huge variety of obligatory Portuguese newspapers are stacked in piles and a TV plays above the fridge.

Ildas Toronto

Tripe and beans are around $5 for a small cup. Tripe throws some people off but it is a traditional accompaniment to beans, which are tender in their sweet tomato-y sauce.

Ildas Toronto

Pataniscas, or salt cod fish fritters, are an awesome deal at five for around a dollar, and they’re crispy, slightly greasy and comforting.

Ildas Toronto

Chicken is being grilled constantly throughout the day just feet from where you can sit down and consume it.

Ildas TorontoIlda’s uses their own special salt with 17 kinds of herbs and spices, and only this rather than any sort of marinade.

Ildas Toronto

A half grilled chicken goes for around $9.50 with two sides, and obviously you have to opt for rice and their tender, fluffy potatoes.

The skin with that complex, smokey salt is what sets this grilled chicken apart. Since it’s a churrasqueira, you can’t skimp on their spicy, dark, vinegary hot sauce.

Ildas Toronto

Pork ribs go for $10.99, another very traditional churrasqueira dish. They’re a little on the smaller side but the meat is decent, and we have a side of veggies with these.

Ildas Toronto

Oxtail is also on offer here, a bit pricier at around $12. It’s not exactly like the Caribbean jerk versions I’m more familiar with, but the pieces of meat are still fatty and rich, and potatoes and rice make a great accompaniment for this as well.

Ildas Toronto

Wash it all down with one of my personal favourites, a can of sugary and refreshing Sumol fruit soda usually in flavours like passion fruit, pineapple and orange.

Ildas Toronto

There’s no question that Ilda’s is a friendly neighbourhood place that’s an ideal destination for anyone craving the classic food and atmosphere of a local Portuguese churrasqueira. They also cater suckling pig, and you’ll have to phone in for orders of more than three chickens.

Ildas Toronto

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Hector Vasquez

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